5 Compelling Reasons to Hire a Lawyer After a Car Accident

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There are an estimated 16,438 auto accidents each day. What would you do if you were injured in a car crash?

Sure, you might know to call the police and check yourself for injuries. But knowing when to hire a lawyer is just as crucial.

Here are five of the biggest reasons why you should consult with an accident attorney after your collision.

  1. You Sustained an Injury

Injuries resulting from a car accident aren’t always immediately apparent. Sometimes, they can take days or even weeks to surface. These injuries can be quite serious, too.

What seems like a simple muscle strain, for example, could be whiplash. Hiring the best car accident lawyer ensures that someone is working on your behalf while you rest and recover.

As sweetlaw.com points out, there’s a lot that can go wrong, even if you’re careful.

  1. Accident-Related Trauma is Real

Physical injuries aren’t the only thing to watch out for after a car accident. Once the shock wears off you may find yourself hesitant to get behind the wheel, or even be a passenger.

Make no mistake, you’re not being too sensitive. You’re dealing with genuine trauma.

The emotional suffering you’re experiencing can cause you to miss out on work, social events, or even time with your family.

A lawyer can help you recoup the wages and compensation you lost as a result of your stress.

  1. Personal Injury Law is Complicated

Understanding the minutia of personal injury law requires years of study. While articles like this are a great starting point, they’re not a replacement for an actual attorney.

A lawyer knows the law and can help you make your way through the complex legal system.

You can appear in different car accidents and there can be many instances when you are unable to fight for your rights alone. In such cases, you need to hire a personal injury attorney who will help you sort all the issues regarding the case. They will fight for your rights and will help you to secure compensation.

That alone is worth the investment.

  1. Insurance Companies Won’t Always Pay

The ugly truth about insurance companies — both medical and auto — is that they’re not there to help when you need them, even if you’re a loyal customer who always pays on time.

While they may pay some of your damages or medical bills from a car accident injury, you’ll rarely get as much as you deserve. You could still end up with tons of debt.

Thankfully, an attorney can fight on your behalf to help you receive the payout you deserve. They know how to navigate communications with insurance agents and may even be able to help you settle your case.

  1. There Are Questions About Liability

Most car accidents are fairly straightforward. So much so that the responding police officer can determine fault within minutes of arriving at the scene.

In rare cases, though, it’s unclear which party was at fault. In such circumstances, a car accident lawyer may have to get involved to fight on your behalf.

They’ll know what to look for to determine fault and can help defend you against dubious claims.

Don’t Hesitate to Hire a Lawyer

Car accidents can cause serious, lasting damage. Having someone in your corner can give you the strength and knowledge needed to carry on and seek the reparations you may be owed.

For more advice on when to hire a lawyer, be sure to check out the rest of our blog.


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