5 Essential Tools for Corporate Upscaling

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When it comes to running a business, there are always lots of things to consider. You want to make sure you are hiring the best talent, that you are setting and achieving clear goals and that your business is always moving forward. So, when it becomes time to upscale your company what do you need to think about? We’ve put together a list of 5 essential tools for corporate upscaling that will help you to make your business more efficient in terms of time, cost and effort, and ways in which you can improve your brand without taking on too much all by yourself. Make use of some of these tools for corporate upscaling and watch your company begin to thrive:


  • Analytics tools

Any business should be making constant use of analytics tools, and this is particularly important when you are looking to upscale. Analytics tools are essential for the monitoring of customer behaviours and better understanding and targeting these consumers. The more information you can gain regarding your audiences’ behaviours, including their interests, their demographics, their purchasing behaviours and the reasons behind these, the better you will be able to market to them in future, meaning that your business will be able to better expand its audience and increase conversions.


  • Invoice management tools

The bigger your business gets, the more responsibilities you will find you have as the owner of that business. Additionally, with each expansion your company undergoes, your invoices will only expand alongside. In order to keep on top of the ever-growing pile of invoices your business is likely to face, you should make use of invoice management tools. These are available to help you to organise and stay on top of all of your billing and invoices and can be a great way to simplify one of the most essential tasks in the running of any business. Invoice management and online invoicing can also be extremely useful for keeping legal records and documents both safe and accessible. Taxes will be easier to organise, and with all of your invoices online you will be able to time and date stamp each one to better keep track of your finances and billing schedules.


  • Online branding tools

Being able to provide the right message at the right time is a critical task for any business, and making use of online branding tools can be extremely beneficial for any brand. A good online branding tool will not only help to grow and tailor your brand identity but can then help to share your brand and improve your brand’s image and how many people know of it. Increase your brand awareness with Percepto, who will work to create and share your brand with a wide audience, ensuring that your brand identity is reflective of your company and sharing this in a tailored way with your audiences. Online branding is essential in the digital age, so utilising online branding tools is something every business could benefit from.


  • Automation tools/ outsourcing

Introducing automation and outsourcing into your company is a great way to optimise your company and your time. The bigger your business gets, the more you’ll have to think about, so outsourcing the smaller aspects of business management such as payroll, Human Resources, PR, recruitment, and accounting can save your employees a lot of time as well as ensure a more efficient, high-quality service. If you don’t feel like outsourcing any of these elements, automated processing tools can be a lifesaver in a similar way. Automation saves workers time and means that there is little room for human error, particularly useful when looking at company finances or employee payrolls.


  • Time management tools

Talking of your employees’ time, a good time management system can take your business far. Making sure employees are all accounted for, that there is time for every project to be completed, and being aware of any events or goings-on that are happening in the business is essential if you hope to run a successful company. Time management tools can also prove to be a boost to employee productivity through the use of deadlines and goals, and keeping a clear track of the progress of everything your employees are doing. In the business world, time is money, so make sure that you are getting the most out of your teams that you can to help really bring your business up to the next level.


Upscaling is a big job for any business, but taking some of the pressure off of both yourself and your employees can help to make the whole transition a lot easier. Lighten the load by making use of automated processes or outsourcing, track how your employees’ time is being used, and introduce online branding tools to improve your brand awareness. Whatever you bring to your company, do so with the aim of improvement and growth and your company is sure to be a success.

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