5 Reasons Why A Sim-Only Plan Is Right For You

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We all need to communicate cheaply and conveniently over the phone, but it’s almost becoming a challenge given the soaring costs of mobile phone deals. Luckily, there present cost-effective and efficient forms of mobile communications – sim-only contracts. With unlimited data plan sim only and a bundle of minutes and texts, it offers a cost-effective alternative. Here are reasons why a sim-only plan is ideal for you.

  1. It’s cost-effective

You only get a sim card without having to pay back the cost of your smartphone. Unlike phone contract agreements where you get your sim and a phone alongside, you only pay for the sim card. Some phones can be costly and paying back for them, coupled with nursing data, test, and call plans make it strenuous.

  1. Good value for money

Unlimited data plan sim only deals with a call, and text bundles are a good value for your money. In the long term, it would cost you less compared to a phone contract. Calls and texts are inexpensive and what you focus more on paying is the data bundle. If you have a WiFi connection, you won’t have to bother paying for it. This way, you only have to pay for cheap calls and texts, making it cost-effective.

  1. The freedom to transfer sim to another phone

Unlike phone deals, you don’t have to stick with the phone that you bought alongside your sim. Such sims won’t allow you to do so and will cease to operate if it registers that you’re using a different phone. Therefore, it puts you in a fixed position and limits your alternatives. But since sim only tariffs get you individual sim cards, you won’t have to stick with a provisioned phone. Once you purchase the sim, you can put it in your current smartphone and keep the fun rolling.

  1. The freedom to choose a provider

With sim-only deals, you don’t get tied to a single provider, and you’re free to choose any that suits you. If the agreement is not so pleasing, you can give notice to your current provider to switch to another one without incurring any charges. This flexibility has made it a more sought-after tariff in Singapore. Besides, the contracts are also short, most running to about 30 days, unlike phone deals that may run close to 24 months, making predetermined switches more challenging. If, for a fact, your next provider doesn’t offer the best deals, switching back or finding another one still lays out more options for you.

  1. Less rigorous credit checks

With phone deals, there are no credit criteria to decide whether you get the deal or not. Everything is easygoing, and you can still bag yourself a bargain even with the lowest credit score. On the other hand, phone contracts require a rigorous credit check to ascertain if you’re able to follow the contract remittance agreement. With a bad score, your chances of getting into a phone contract are overly limited.


Everyone expects to communicate cheaply, efficiently, and conveniently and with the various options out there, only the best and cost-effective tariff gets a better pull. In this case, sim-only deals being the most convenient, they attract the most people in the country. For this reason, it’s a go-for deal that you can savor.



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