6 Things To Consider When Hiring Remote Developers

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Remote working has now become the new norm due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Although remote working was once fraught with myths, it has since proven to be a valuable tool that assists businesses in meeting their objectives.

Businesses had to adapt to this new model. However, the IT industry was the only one that could adapt to this model effectively and efficiently.

The reason is that businesses in the IT industry have been benefitting from remote working for quite some time now. Remote working gives businesses the feasibility to hire remote developers from anywhere in the world.

If you look at the remote developer hiring cost, it is much lower than hiring onsite developers. It would help businesses to become much more cost-effective. And there are a ton of other benefits of hiring remote developers.

Though many think that the hiring process of remote developers is the same as hiring onsite developers, there are a few differences. Hiring any resource is a lengthy and costly process. And you would not want to get stuck in a loop where you have to hire one shortly after you thought you found the right one.

Nevertheless, we will help you know how you can find the right remote developers for your business. This article will shed light on the six fundamental principles that you need to consider when hiring remote developers.


1. Create A Descriptive Job Post Based On The Target Profile Of Your Candidate

When we are talking about hiring remote employees, the first is to understand your requirements and expectations from them. After understanding the complexities of your project, you need to dot down all the skills you need in your remote employee.

This will help you save you from the flood of irrelevant resumes that would come towards you. Also, you would have a clear idea of what kind of candidate you are looking for. Most importantly, don’t forget to mention that you are hiring for a remote position.

There are still some people who would prefer working at an onsite location rather than working remotely. And you might find yourself finding the right candidate declining the job because they weren’t aware of the location. So, to avoid these sorts of situations, you need to mention a remote position in your job ad.

2. Target Through The Right Platform

You can now hire anyone from the world, but how do you let them know about the remote position? This can be done by advertising your job post through the right platforms. You will find many individuals on platforms such as Monster, Indeed, and LinkedIn.

But it would be best if you never underestimate the power of social media. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are now also a good source to find potential remote employees. With the proper reach, you can connect with individuals who have the right skills. Nevertheless, you need to target the right platforms.

3. Create a Robust Selection Process

Having the right candidate can only be possible through a screening process that can help you strain the best talent. From the heap of resumes, you would only be able to shortlist the best one by setting up criteria.

You can ask them a couple of screening questions before the application on their job post. Through it, you would be able to know if the candidate has the basic knowledge about the job or not.

The best way for you to check their skills and abilities is to ask them to complete a sample task for you. A test can help you understand their experience, expertise, knowledge, and work quality. Though, you would have to compensate them for their time for them to do this task for you.


4. Look for Soft Skills

Though a candidate may have the proper education and experience, they might not be good when it comes to remote working. Not many people can work remotely with a lack of supervision. Thus, you need to check for a few soft skills that your ideal candidate should have.

Concentrating on soft skills, such as time management skills, organizational abilities, communication and collaboration, and the capacity to work in dispersed teams can offer helpful perspectives. It will aid you in the recruitment process when you have 2 or 3 potential candidates, and you want the best one.


5. Have A Synchronized Workflow

You must be feeling much more confident in your remote team once you have the right resources and a system in place. Strategic planning mechanisms such as rewarding team members for excellent outcomes and new ideas can help to strengthen the entire method.

Enable yourself and the employees to be versatile and creative. When it comes to workflow and procedures, you do not need to be hierarchical, which can stifle creativity. The door for innovative ideas and even constructive criticism should always be kept open.

Surmounting ethnic and linguistic differences must also be considered carefully. While the location of your remote development team can be ethnically diverse from yours, there should be a genuine understanding between you and your team.

Mutual respect and having clear objectives will help you conquer any obstacles that come along the way. Be sure that you will find meaningful purpose in interacting regardless of your team members’ different languages or backgrounds.


6. Set Out Clear Goals From The Beginning

After you are through with the hiring process and establishing a workflow, it is essential to set some straightforward goals. It would be much better to set these goals from the beginning once you’ve recruited some remote developers.

This will aid in developing a positive working partnership and is an essential element of functioning in virtual groups. By establishing clear goals and objectives, your team would clearly see what they have to achieve.

Sharing the long and the short objectives from the start ensures that new employees are all on the same track. They will go back to these details and get back on course if there are any misconceptions, misunderstandings, or misinterpretations.

Wrapping Up

Remote working is sooner or later going to become an integral part of lives. As more and more businesses now realize its potential, it sees adoption by many large corporations. The employees of Twitter can now work from their homes for an indefinite period.

And with many countries still battling the pandemic, it is safe to say that remote working is here to stay. Remote working allows businesses to cut back on costs and hire from a global talent pool. In these challenging times, remote working has come as a blessing in disguise for many of us.

So, it is time that your business incorporates remote working and uses it for its leverage. But if you are still struggling or unsure where you can start from, you can always take the help of Aspired.

Aspired is a remote agency that has helped many businesses build a robust remote development team in no time. You can always reach out to them with your project needs and requirements, and they would be able to get you the best developers.

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