7 Adventure Sports to Try Out In Kochi

Best 7 Adventure Sports To Try Out in Kochi, India

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Kochi is a popular tourism hub, especially for its elegant natural and scenic beauty. However, the city is not restricted to this only, and many travellers look for adventurous trips when they book their flights to India. In that case, visit Kochi and enjoy life to the fullest by engaging yourself in some splendid adventure sports.

Here are some of the best adventure sports you can try out in Kochi to bring an adrenaline rush adventure into your life.

  •   Scuba Diving:

Kochi is situated on the waterfront, so it is easy to guess why there are plenty of water sports activities available here. Scuba Diving is one of them which is preferred by the majority of travelers. While enjoying this activity, you can watch underwater marine life, shoot videos and take pictures. Scuba Diving can be enjoyed for about 45 minutes and is one of the most fantastic adventure sports in Kochi. Even if you are not an excellent professional diver or swimmer, you can enjoy this activity with well-trained coaches. Scuba diving in Kochi starts at Kochi Dive center and ends there only.

  •   Beach & Backwater Cycling:

If you are an energetic person and work-out a lot, then Beach & Backwater cycling is the right adventure sport for you. When you book your flights to India and visit Kochi, then you should surely try this activity. The trip starts from For Cochin and very soon you will leave the busy city roads and then you will enter the rural areas. The whole tour will make you enjoy the simplicity of life in rural areas and good interaction with the locals. This activity does not associate any risks, and the guides provide you all the types of equipment you need. This activity offers travelers a unique way to enjoy the beauty and serenity of Kochi while cycling around the city.

  •   Kayaking:

Kayaking is a popular activity in many parts of India. It is one of the most adrenaline-rushing adventure sports activities that can also be enjoyed in Kochi. It involves the usage of a Kayak to move in the water but is different from canoeing. While performing the activity, the water will rush onto your face, kayaks, and creates a moment that visitors enjoy for a lifetime. Once you understand the right tactic of kayaking from your guides, you will find this activity one of the most action-packed and exciting. The training starts at 7 Am, and the exact location depends upon your bookings for the same.

  •   Banana Ride:

One of the most prominent adventure sports of Kochi is the Banana ride. It is an activity that can be enjoyed in a group as well as individually. The high-speed water sport activity, Banana Ride, makes people dizzy from all the thrill and excitement that arises while performing the activity. During the activity, you get glimpses of stunning shoreline views, and you will feel like you are on top of the world. As this is an adventure sport, it is essential to follow the instructions as advised by the experts to avoid any kind of mishap. Cherai Beach is the location for enjoying Banana rides, and many managing units are available there to help you book your choice of activity. When you book your flights to India, check the details of the Banana ride on the internet before trying it.

  •   Bhoothathankettu Trekking :

Bhoothathankettu is a dam that is a famous tourist attraction in Kochi. The atmosphere and ambiance is the place where you can spark off enough thrills in your mind. Also, the historical and mythical background of the place makes it a must-visit place. It is an ideal and famous location for enjoying trekking. According to historical stories, Tipu Sultan was resting near the dam with his whole army to attack Kerala, but some patriots opened the dam. This caused a massive flood and forced the army to disperse from there. It is a perfect quiet place that also offers an adventurous experience like trekking.

  •   Bumper Boat Ride :

Now you might have realized that Kochi is a hotspot for water sports activities. Another adventure activity to enjoy here is the Bumper ride. The ride lasts for a duration of 5-15 minutes and lets you enjoy the beauty of the shorelines you pass through. This water sport is enjoyed at higher speeds, and large waves lash on your body to bring the travelers an experience full of thrills and excitement. It can be enjoyed from 6 Am till 6 Pm. The best part of this activity is that even kids can enjoy this ride with expert supervision during their ride.

  •   Water Skiing :

Skiing is a popular adventure sport in Kochi that gives you a chance to enjoy the far-spread tranquil waters. You can explore the waves and till you reach the best part of this complete sport security is provided along with you. While skiing, you will get water splashes on your face, and you will get a feeling of flying over the water that will surely be a lifetime experience. The activity starts around 6 Am and ends till 6-7 Pm. To enjoy water skiing here, you also need to be professional in this sport, and full support will be provided to you from the guides. When you book your flights to India, make sure that you try the Water Skiing activity for your trip’s adventurous experience.

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