8 Tips To Maintain Sleep Hygiene To Avoid Sleep Disorder

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Some people find it very difficult to get sound sleep every night. Sometimes, it is like an impossible dream for them. But embracing sound sleep is quite easy than you may think. You just need to follow healthy sleep habits to get restful sleep, especially during the summer season.

Experts have determined various habits, techniques, and practices to maintain “sleep hygiene.” By maintaining good sleep hygiene, it is possible to increase the number of hours that you spend sleeping. Let’s discuss in detail the optimum sleep hygiene and tips to avoid sleep disorders.

  1. Avoid Caffeine, Alcohol, And Nicotine

By reducing the intake of caffeinated products, it is easy to improve the quality of sleep. We all know that coffee acts as a stimulant that can help you stay awake for a long time. Therefore, we recommend you limit the consumption of alcohol.

You should never have cola, coffee, chocolate, or tea at least four hours before your bedtime. In addition to this, you should also avoid alcohol and nicotine to improve your sleep quality and inhibit your restful sleep. You may feel sleepy after drinking alcohol, but you will wake up at midnight and find it very difficult to fall asleep again.

  1. Maintain Sleep Inducing Ambiance

It is recommended to maintain a dark, quiet, and cool ambiance at your home to promote sound slumber. You should cut the outside noise by using earplugs, maintain dark ambiance by using heavy curtains or blackout shades, and maintain temperature comfortably cool by turning on air conditioning Sydney.

In addition to this, you should also equip your bed with comfortable pillows and a mattress. In case, your pet wakes you up at midnight, then you should keep pet your pet out of your bedroom.

  1. Maintain Pre-Sleep Routine

You should try to ease up the transition from wake time to sleep time by doing relaxing activities an hour before your bedtime. You can take bath, watch TV, read a book, or practice various relaxing exercises. Also, you should avoid stimulating activities before sleeping such as strenuous workouts, emotional issues, doing office work, etc.

When you feel psychologically or physically stressed, then it will lead to the secretion of stress hormones. When your body will produce stress hormones known as cortisol, then it will lead to alertness and interrupt your sound sleep. Thus, you should maintain a pre-sleep routine and avoid stressful activities.

  1. Go To Bed When You’re Truly Sleepy

It is quite frustrating to struggle for sound sleep. If you will fail to sleep within 20 minutes, then you will feel agitated. In this case, you should get outside of your bed and try some relaxing activity.

You should go to your bed again when you are feeling sleepy. If a high ambiance temperature is creating trouble, then you should turn on cooling devices at your home. With the help of ducted air conditioning Sydney, you can easily maintain a cool ambiance for sound sleep.

  1. Avoid Continuously Watching Clock

You should not stare at the clock in your bedroom and avoid using your phone to check the time again and again. It will just increase your stress level. If you wake up at midnight, then do not check the time and try to sleep again. If you fail to sleep properly, then you should get out of bed and engage yourself in some resting activities.

  1. Set Your Internal Clock

You should maintain your sleep schedule to improve your sleep quality and maintain consistent sleep. You should go to your bed and wake up at a fixed time to set the “internal clock” of your body.

Also, you should try to maintain this routine on weekends as well. By waking up regularly at a fixed time will help to set your body’s clock. If you fail to sleep well a night before, then an extra sleep drive will make you embrace sound sleep the next night.

  1. Avoid Taking Naps

Naps during the daytime affect sleep quality. If possible, then you should avoid taking naps during day time. Otherwise, you should take it early so that they do not interrupt your sound sleep.

Also, it is recommended to keep the nap duration low as much as possible. Sometimes, afternoon naps are the culprit for bad quality sleep during the night. If you want to take a nap, then you should keep it very short and also take it before 5 PM.

  1. Regular Workout

Workout is not just important for maintaining good physical and mental health, but it is also important to get sound sleep every night. By doing a regular workout, your body starts producing happy hormones that keep stress hormones at bay.

But avoid doing exercise at least three hours before your bedtime. It is so because exercise releases some hormones from your body that will keep you alert.

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