A simple way to write a paper on literature per one day

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A literature review is an important element of the thesis or research paper. You have to stand on the shoulders of Giant, before moving towards new findings. Many students or novice researchers consider paper writing on literature more daunting. The research topic you choose might have some previous work in the literature.

Professionals, students, and scholars have written a lot about a specific topic. For your literature paper, you are to plunge into the ocean of articles, books, and research papers. Are you scared? Don’t worry. This article is going to help you write a literature paper within one day only.

Literature review develops an understanding and relevance of the current research with the past research. You are to search in which dimensions the previous researchers have studied a topic. How can you justify the study under investigation about the past literature? Students consider it an unsettled task and ask others to write my essay for me for cheap. Scrolling down, you will come to know the easy and quick steps to write a literature review:

  1. Decide on the research topic and understand it

To get started, the research topic should be clear in your mind. Understand your topic clearly. Discuss your topic with teachers and fellows to get more information and ideas.  Clear your all ambiguities.

  1. List out what to search

Usually, the literature of the past ten years is considered more acceptable and authentic. If you are studying in 2021, your teacher may put the restriction of adding literature of the past 5 years only. List out the data you require for literature review. Like you may need to extract:

  • Definitions of specific constructs written by previous scholars
  • Positive and negative implications of the understudied phenomenon
  • The procedure of experiment and study
  • Findings of previous literature relevant to the current study
  • Significance of the constructs to be studied
  • Future implications of the research
  • Recommendations for the future researchers
  1. Search correct and valid sources

Online and offline libraries, publications, journals, articles, and books are the common sources to search for literature studies. How can you search and pile up all these hubs of information in one day or two? It surely needs three to four long sessions of study to collect literature data from libraries. The secret suggestion is that it is more convenient and faster to search from online data sources.

Google Scholar and many open-access scholar hubs are available online. You can search for topics related to your discipline quickly.

The more you search the more you get confused with the data. Narrow down your search per year. It will help you categorize and arrange the data in a more systematic manner.

  1. Write-up

When you are satisfied with your collected data, it is time to enter the final stage of paper writing. Many professionals suggest writing randomly and then gathering and arranging the whole write-up. But it is a time-consuming activity.

Extract relevant information you require for your paper and continue writing inflow. Never forget to add references along with each statement and literature extract. Additionally, continue preparing your Chapter of  References simultaneously. Whatever, book, article, or journal you studied and added, note down its complete and correct references in a separate word file.

It will save your time to write the references separately.

  1. Review and Arrange

In the final stage, you are to assess the arrangement and relevance of the written material. For this purpose, start your literature paragraph with a general discussion of the study and turn the writing to the specific constructs, hypotheses, and terminology. Arrange the literature writing in logical order. Connect each previous study with the next study by using transition words or paraphrasing sensibly.

Do’s and Don’ts to write literature Review in one day-Quick tip

Following these tips, you can help you to finish your write-up in one day only. Have a look at:

  • Download all relevant studies in a separate folder.
  • Open each previous literature file and read the abstract, summary, and conclusion. Highlight the required data. Then, move to the next literature article or data.
  • Write all data one by one in your word file and mention the writers’ name and year simultaneously.
  • Some studies will get arranged while writing. Others can be done by reviewing the whole document once.
  • Check spelling and grammar mistakes using any valid online software.
  • Never arrange your data by year. Rather, all paragraphs must be interconnected and logical.
  • Do not overpass your supervisors for research work. The literature writing should be impressive, extensive, up-to-date, to-the-point, and well-written.

You can learn more about literature writing by searching and reading the literature review of other scholars. Download any article or journal related to your department. Study and observe in detail the writing style and way of description.

Concluding lines

Now advanced technology has increased the ways of corruption also. Never try online article-spinners and other odd ways. With a little effort, you can perform better. Irrelevant and non-compliant previous literature is unacceptable. It lowers down the worth and status of your research paper.

You can complete the literature in one day, but it is a matter of emergency. Why are you in need to write so urgently? There might be many reasons. Firstly, you would have not researched and worked out in the time duration given for the literature assignment. Secondly, you would have been given a shorter period for writing it. Whatever the matter, it requires concentration and great hard work in one day.

If you are sincere with your work. you should research all material relevant to your topic. If it is piled in one place, next to the writing goal can be achieved in a few hours. Academic writings are different than formal and informal writing. There are many authorities to whom the writer is answerable. So, whether you have a short time or longer one, write productively. Write less but maintain the quality of the literature writing.


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