An amazing desert safari overnight camping experience in Dubai

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When you are in Dubai, the daylight charms are highly cherishable but what pleasure a night expenditure blesses at desert safari, it’s infinite. Camping at desert Safari Dubai unleashes deeper contentment of being on a breathtaking natural landscape under the sky full of stars. An overnight safari tour brings the same fun and thrills as one can experience in the daytime along with a joyous adventure of camping under the moonlight with friends and family.

From starting through a pick-up at your hotel or residence to waving the warmest goodbyes to a new day, desert safari Dubai overnight camping is an ultimate medium to make you meet your new self which is more radiant and gratified.

Discover What the Overnight Camping Unveils at Desert Safari Dubai

  1. A Sleepless Dreamy Night!

Whether you stay in a private Bedouin-camp or Pegg the tent in the deep sandy layers along with your cozy sleeping bags lodged inside, a camping night in the heart of a desert is all in all a felicitous experience. People also enjoy the sizzling bonfire at night outside their camps so that the dusty air carries the cheerful laughter along. The bedouin-style traditional camps reflect the timeless spectacular culture of Arabia where a classic ambiance represents the traditional lifestyle in rags of luxury. Here, you can spend a sleepless night full of excitement and awe.

  1. Exciting Sand Sports

Safari’s spine-tingling sensations that come along with a bunch of its top-rated adventures throughout the world are totally insane. Dune bashing, quad biking, and sandboarding are some of those. Imagine covering the sand-covered heights in a 4WD wide tired vehicle in the frameset of the setting sun! Crazy right? Well, that’s the ultimate insanity that travel enthusiasts get attracted to. Bash over the bulging red sand bumps, surf it over a sandboard or break the limits of thrill in a quad bike, these sand sports offered by the magical world of desert safari seem extremely enthralling.

  1. Camel Ride in a Dusky Evening 

Nothing is more joyous than a ride over the ship of the desert on a grainy ground. No matter how much luxurious vehicles grant you comfort, but drooling over the most classic carrier of the desert is something the enthusiasts celebrate. Enjoy discovering the wide apex of safari while hopping over the camel’s hump. A camel ride in the refreshing breeze under the moonlight is so peaceful and serene that you’d never want to stop while beholding the silent desert from a few feet above the ground.

  1. Get Divined by Eatery

Another lustrous fact that attracts people in the proximities of desert safari Dubai is the epic BBQ and buffet arrangement. Stay like a nomad but eat like a king! Lots of delicious cuisines, appetizers, refreshing drinks, and desserts are available. There is a buffet to bless your taste buds with a unique taste. You can enjoy unlimited access to refreshing drinks like tea, coffee, Coladas, and limca. Moreover, the sizzling BBQ and grill with side menu salads and soups will never make you miss the luxuries of city life.

  1. Live Shows and Entertainment Shots 

Spending a night at desert safari Dubai means opening up a door to unlimited entertainment till the next sunrise. A night in safari will offer you super stunning live shows such as the impressive Tanoura dance, the famous belly dance of Arabian dancers, and the energetic Zumba dance. Enjoy the striking fire show and amaze while smoking shisha with your squad. A fully-fledged package of non-stop entertainment is what a wanderer needs after spending a tiring day.

  1. Get Dressed and Click it! 

Cherish your love for art and culture by getting henna tattoos on your hands and feet. Women and kids can’t resist the beautiful imprints of Arabian style henna which remains imprinted as the beautiful souvenir of Dubai’s natural asset. Other perks of celebrating your presence in the UAE are attiring yourself in the traditional Arabic outfits and lock your new look in the camera. Take photos with falcons and the vast species of rare animals found only at desert safari Dubai.

  1. Witness the Setting and Rising Sun

The best thing about being on an overnight safari trip is that you get a chance to see the setting as well as the rising sun in a land of nomads. It’s a paradise for nature lovers in this aspect. Behold the changing colors of the mighty desert when the sun game is on! The golden sand takes vivid hues of orange with the drowning sun and leaves you in awe when you step outside of your camp with a sleepy head.

  1. Magic of the Milkyway  

How come a night at the campsite can be spent without locking the sight at the dark blue sky. An overnight desert safari stay is exclusive for stargazing when the night reaches at a height if its brisk. Heard lots about sunset and sunrise? Now experience how magical it is to lie over the sand bed and gaze at the glittery sky overnight until it changes colors. So tempting!

  1. Delicious Breakfast 

After capturing some pretty shots of the alluring sunrise, embrace the new dawn at the desert with an energizing breakfast. A drop-off is ready to pick you when an overnight safari tour ends with a delicious breakfast. The morning meal is quite reviving, presented in a regal style in front of you. You’ll surely stare for a while at the farewell throwing desert with flashbacks of lately spent night there!



Now that you’ve gone through the catch, it’s time to discover what it means to pick an overnight venture at a desert safari in Dubai. Tourists come being inspired by this place and go on being obsessed with it. An overnight tour is a good pick for you if you want to cherish the moments for a countable time here.We know you would relate whether you are a first-timer or some old admirer of safari.

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