Are Miniature Schnauzers Hypo Allergenic?

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If it’s your first time bringing a dog to your home, allergies might be a top concern. This is especially true if you live in a family home or with other people, as pet allergies can cause many problems and get in the way of living a comfortable life.

So, if you’re adopting a Miniature Schnauzer soon, you may be wondering if they are hypoallergenic.

Since these dogs are on the fluffier side, it’s easy to assume that the fur can easily cause people to start sneezing or coughing. And while it might seem true, this isn’t always the case.

Before you adopt a dog, it’s important to take any allergy risks into account. So in this article, we’re going to answer the question of whether or not Miniature Schnauzers are hypoallergenic, how you can test if you’re allergic to a dog, and the different ways you can reduce dog allergies at home. Find out more below.

Are Miniature Schnauzers Hypo Allergenic?

People have dog allergies because of oil that their skin secretes and gets on their fur. When they shed, some of that fur floats into the air and gets into our lungs. If you have dog allergies, then these oils will trigger your allergies and cause you to sneeze a lot.

This is why dogs that shed a lot aren’t great options for people with allergies. Additionally, dogs can have certain allergens in their saliva, which is why a lot of people develop allergic reactions when a dog licks them.

So, do Miniature Schnauzers have these allergens?

Luckily, Miniature Schnauzers don’t shed that much. While they are a fairly furry breed, you don’t have to worry about dog fur on your floors and floating in the air, causing people to start sneezing and coughing. With that said, people do report that most Miniature Schnauzers shed their undercoats often. You should also read more here about proper food to feed your Schnauzer, to keep their coat shiny and healthy.

However, the undercoat shedding gets caught in the outer coat, which is why they don’t cause allergies. With that said, you have to brush out all this fur when grooming the dog to prevent problems later on.

As long as you regularly groom your Miniature Schnauzer, you won’t have to worry about shedding and allergies. With that said, there are some people that have allergies to Miniature Schnauzers, which is why it’s important to test for allergies before adopting a dog permanently.

How to Check If You’re Allergic to a Miniature Schnauzer

So, how are you supposed to check if you’re allergic to a Miniature Schnauzer?

It’s actually really easy to do so. It’s important to check for allergies before adopting a dog, even if it’s hypo-allergenic because all dogs have the dander that causes allergies in humans.

People consider MIniature Schnauzers hypo-allergenic because they don’t shed too much, so there’s a smaller chance of the dander entering your respiratory system.

To check if you’re allergic to a dog, you must hang out with them for a couple of hours. If you can, we recommend going to the kennel or shelter where you plan on adopting the dog and spending time with the dog. Try playing with them, staying near them, and petting them if possible.

While you’re getting to know the dog, try to see if you have any allergic reactions. Dog allergies usually cause a stuffy nose and sneezing. You may also start wheezing, feeling a heavy chest, and getting irritated eyes if you’re allergic.

If you spend a lot of time with the Miniature Schnauzer and you don’t feel any of the allergy symptoms, you’re likely fine. And if you feel light reactions, you might still be able to live in harmony with your dog; you just have to take a couple of measures to reduce the chances of a reaction.

How to Reduce Dog Allergies at Home

Here are some of the ways you can reduce dog allergies from home.

Using an Air Purifier

First, we recommend getting an air purifier with a HEPA filter. These air purifiers will be able to capture animal fur floating around the air that may be causing allergies. On top of that, it can filter out dust and pollen, which are known allergens that bug a lot of people as well.

Using a Vacuum

Aside from an air filter, we also recommend vacuuming regularly. Similarly, we recommend using a HEPA filter to ensure that none of the animal furs ends up floating around the air and getting in your lungs. With a HEPA vacuum, you can also eliminate a lot of dust and pollen and prevent it from getting into the air, which is a huge plus.


Miniature Schnauzers are hypo-allergenic dogs, despite their thick coats. So, if you have allergies to shedding dogs, Miniature Schnauzers could be what you need. However, to be safe, we still recommend spending some time with the dog first to see if you have allergies or not.

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