Behind the rise of Chinese brands

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The Chinese manufacturing industry has been rocketing as globalization proceeds. The best quality industrious goods, especially electronics and core parts, all come from China now.

By late last year, 124 companies from the Chinese Mainland (including Hong Kong) made it to the Fortune 500. The industries of tea, Chinese food, clothes, electric vehicle, smart home appliances, and herbal skincare products have great potential to make more international brands. China is now providing the world with top-quality products at, still, competitive prices. Over the past decade, Chinese smart electronics brands have been aggressively active on the global market, unnerving Sony, Samsung, Dyson, and even Apple.


The ‘New Dyson’ from China

 As Xiaomi, OnePlus and DJI are gaining ground in the global market, ROIDMI has also become a representative of leading Chinese brands in the cleaning appliance industry.

The young ROIDMI has been dedicated to developing vacuum cleaners and robot vacuums of higher quality and more advanced technologies. Since it was founded in 2015, ROIDMI has filed over 200 tech patents. The independent, rigorous

In 2020, ROIDMI X30 lifted the brand to another level: it made record-breaking crowdfunding of 30 million. In the same year, ROIDMI became the first Chinese vacuum cleaner brand that opened a shop in the luxury department store Harrods.

In 2021, ROIDMI launched the self-sterilizing robot vacuum Eve Plus. The pioneering ‘deodorization ion’ technology can put down 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and parasites and remove smells in household waste. It can effectively prevent secondary waste and protect people’s health. Among the many self-emptying robovacs, Xiaomi ROIDMI Eve Plus distinguishes itself with this special waste sterilization feature.

It’s worth noting that the founding team of ROIDMI is made of tech and design professionals like Dyson’s. The founder of ROIDMI, Wang Zhiqiang, is a geek nerd. ROIDMI has invested much more in tech development than other vacuum cleaner brands. Naturally, ROIDMI now has an advantage in the fierce global competition: core technologies of the vacuum cleaner and robot vacuum. The obsession with technologies is another thing ROIDMI and Dyson share.

ROIDMI has grown to be a leading Chinese enterprise. And with high-quality, user-friendly, innovative and high-value products, ROIDMI is ready to fulfill yet a bolder vision.

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