Best Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss

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You want to lose weight and not only become thinner, but also leaner, more muscular, or maybe even just healthier.

You want to lose weight and not only become thinner, but also leaner, more muscular, or maybe even just healthier. Whatever your overall goal is, you aren’t going to get there by ingesting thousands of calories a day. The problem is, hunger and cravings are very real, and just skipping meals can bring about their own detriments, like not allowing your body enough nutrition to provide you with the needed energy and drive to work out, and also not providing your body the nutrients needed to repair muscles from the damage caused by working out.

This is where meal replacement shakes come into play. A meal replacement shake is pretty much what it sounds like, a nutrient-rich milkshake-like product that provides all the nutrients that a meal would, but without the excess calories. This can be a great way to get yourself the nutrition needed in the middle of the day to keep yourself from completely crashing at the end of the day, while also not forcing you to load up on unhealthy foods that might be keeping you from making the health changes you seek.

But which shake is the best meal replacement shake for weight loss? How do you know which shake to buy? There are plenty of products out there that might be low in calories and will help you lose weight, but they might also be loaded with filler products that don’t really provide all that many real benefits when it comes to a healthy diet and exercise.

Top 3 Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss

  1. Instant Knockout Complete Meal Replacement – Best Meal Replacement Shake for Athletes
  2. PhenQ Complete Meal Shake – Best Meal Replacement for Digestive Health
  3. Golden Superfood Bliss – Best Meal Replacement With Mental and Physical Health Benefits

Before you go down the Google rabbit hole of ‘meal replacement shakes’, take a second and check out our recommendations. The following shakes will not only help you lose weight, but they each provide additional benefits that may be right for you. Each product is tailored around a different overall benefit, so each one may be right for you. These meal replacement shakes are:

Best Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss Satisfy Your Hunger While Losing Weight

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Bodybuilding and muscular meatheads aren’t necessarily particularly healthy, nor do their muscles actually serve much utility. Real athletes know that some bulk is needed, but lean muscle is going to be the best for athletic performance. Whether you need to be quick on your feet a boxing ring or the track, or whether you need the flexibility and core strength of a gymnast, you’ll need to slim down the body fat while replacing it with healthy, lean muscle.

Enter the Instant Knockout Complete Meal Replacement. Instant Knockout as a company prides itself on providing supplements for athletes that will keep them performing at their peak athletic capabilities. It has proteins for muscle development, fibers for proper digestion, and fatty acids to not only help you feel full but also help you reduce overall body fat.

All of these benefits come out to only 400 calories, an incredibly low-calorie count for a single meal. With 35 grams of protein and carbs, 13 grams of fiber, and plenty of Vitamins, not only is this meal replacement shake low calorie, but it is also very healthy.

Being that the focus of this meal replacement shake is just athletic performance, it is also perfect for men and women. The ingredients in the Instant Knockout Complete Meal Replacement will not load you up with any kind of testosterone boosters. It gives you the nutrition a meal would give you with a fraction of the calories.


  • Golden Flaxseed
  • Plant-based Protein
  • Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT)
  • Oat Flour
  • Organic Brown Rice
  • Chia Seed


  • Loads of protein from various sources: For starters, 35 grams of protein per shake is a pretty powerful amount, but not only is there a lot of protein, but the source of the protein is from plants, making it vegan-friendly. The protein comes from pea and soy, and it will play a big role in both fat burning and muscle building, and the best part is, that isn’t even the only source of vegetarian protein. Chia Seed and Organic Brown Rice are also filled with protein, along with other nutrients, making this shake a real punch when it comes to the necessary proteins. Beyond fat-burning and muscle-building properties, protein is also good at making you feel full, thus reducing the likelihood of experiencing cravings and hunger.
  • Reduce lactate build-up to keep your muscles fresh: If this product is going to help athletes, it needs to take muscle fatigue into account. As you work out, lactic acid builds up, and this can break down your muscles, keeping you from working out as long and as hard as you might like to. MCT Oil can help with that. MCT Oil has been shown to reduce the build-up of lactic acid in the body, thus keeping the body fresh, allowing for quicker muscle recovery and longer, more effective workouts. Since the build-up of lactic acid, over time, can cause severe liver damage, you are also saving your body a lot of trouble in the future by reducing the lactate in your body.
  • An intense amount of fiber: Flaxseed, Oat Flour, and Chia Seed are all loaded with fiber. Fiber not only helps kick the metabolism into overdrive, helping with weight loss and fat burning, but it also has the benefit of making you feel full. Increased metabolism can also lead to a boost of energy, along with a reduction in blood sugar. All in all, fiber is a great source for a healthy metabolism, improved overall health, and a reduction in hunger to keep you from overeating.
  • Antioxidant-rich foods: Not only are the ingredients loaded with proteins and fibers but they are also filled with such antioxidants as selenium, zinc, vitamin D, and many, many more. Antioxidants are great for you for a few reasons. For starters, antioxidants help reduce free radicals in the body that can lead to heart disease, cancer, and other ailments. Second, antioxidants help increase blood flow and reduce inflammation, allowing more oxygen to travel to the muscles, which also helps reduce lactic acid.

Pros and Cons

The Instant Knockout Complete Meal Replacement shake is one of the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss because it:

  • Is loaded with fiber, protein, and antioxidants that provide you with benefits such as:
    • Increased blood flow
    • Increased metabolism
    • Larger, stronger muscles
    • Fat Burning
    • Reduced inflammation
    • Faster recovery time from exercise
  • Comes with multiple packages for every budget and provides multiple additional benefits, like free shipping and free products on bulk orders
  • Is from Instant Knockout, a highly trusted and reviewed company in the supplement world
  • Is all-natural, completely safe, and contains no animal products, making it safe for vegan consumption

The Instant Knockout Complete Meal Replacement is a great product, but there may be a few issues to consider, like:


  • At $65 for a two week supply, it is expensive for a meal replacement shake
  • Contains soy, which some diets may not allow

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#2. PhenQ Complete Meal Shake – Best Meal Replacement for Digestive Health
Best Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss Satisfy Your Hunger While Losing Weight

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When it comes to losing weight, we all know the basics: don’t take in too many calories, exercise to burn off excess calories and fats, don’t eat foods that are high in bad carbohydrates or fats, etc. However, one thing we forget is that our digestive system can play a role in our weight loss journey. If our digestion isn’t up to snuff, no matter what we do, we will all still find it hard to lose weight.

This is where the PhenQ Complete Meal Shake comes into play. Not only does it have similar ingredients that the Instant Knockout Complete Meal Replacement shake had, with the proteins, fibers, and antioxidants, as well as taking advantage of many plant-based nutrients, being vegetarian-friendly (but not vegan-friendly, as it contains Whey Protein, a cheese byproduct), but PhenQ goes a step further by introducing an enzyme complex to help get your digestive system in order, allowing your metabolism not just to be sped up for the sake of weight loss, but also for your digestive system to be working properly, ensuring that nutrients are absorbed while excess is digested.

The other amazing thing about the PhenQ Complete Meal Shake is that not only does it contain some amazing ingredients loaded with digestive enzymes, antioxidants, fibers, and proteins, but it also replaces a full meal while being only 269 calories. With a calorie amount that small, you’ll find yourself shredding the weight off in pounds, seeing results in as little as a few days, depending of course on other dietary choices and exercise regimens.


  • Digezyme Enzyme Complex
  • Flaxseed Powder
  • Whey Protein
  • Gluten-Free Oat Flour
  • Vegan Micronutrient Blend
  • Carb10


  • A special blend of enzymes to help the body’s digestion: What exactly is Digezyme Enzyme Complex? Put simply, it is a blend of 5 enzymes that help your body break down normally difficult-to-digest foods. The five enzymes are amylase, protease, lipase, cellulase, and lactase. Amylase is helping your body breakdown complex sugars so that your blood glucose levels stay manageable, protease and lactase are helping you breakdown milk products like lactate, which can be difficult on the stomach, lipase is helping your stomach breakdown fats and lipids, which in turn will keep your body from storing fat, helping you drop weight, and cellulase helps you breakdown plant enzymes, converting them into sugars that will give your body a helpful boost of energy. With all these enzymes running, basically, all foodstuffs in your body are being broken down to do what they are intended to do without storing any extra, causing you to gain weight.
  • Whey Protein is incredibly healthy: Whey Protein is a common supplement in bulking and muscle growth products, and there is a very good reason for that. Whey Protein contains all the necessary proteins needed to help repair your muscle tissue, causing your muscle mass to increase. There is a lot more to Whey Protein, though, as it can help make the antioxidants you ingest (which PhenQ Complete Meal Shake has plenty of) work more effectively and efficiently at reducing free radicals in your body and has anti-inflammatory qualities that will help heal your muscles after working out. You should generally be excited to see Whey Protein as an ingredient in any supplement.
  • Fibers and Antioxidants all over: Flaxseed and Oat Flour are back, and as discussed with the Instant Knockout Complete Meal Replacement, that means you are getting a load of fibers and antioxidants, as well as omega-3 fats. These have the effect of reducing hunger and increasing metabolism, as well as increasing blood flow and allowing more healing from muscle fatigue while reducing lactic acid buildup that can come from working out. The Vegan Micronutrients are also bringing all kinds of vitamins, (like B, C, D, K, and many more) to the table, some of which are great antioxidants, while others are great dietary supplements that help breakdown foodstuffs into energy-producing sugars to keep the body feeling alert and alive. The mixture of fibers and proteins will also help you feel full so you aren’t constantly craving a snack.
  • Carb10 will further improve your digestion: Carb10 is derived from pea starch. Pea starch is generally a binding agent that is used to thicken products, but unlike many binding agents, it is gluten-free. It also has benefits such as being easy on the stomach and can improve digestion and help convert carbohydrates to energy without causing a massive blood sugar spike.

Pros and Cons

All in all, what makes the PhenQ Complete Meal Replacement one of the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss is:

  • It provides a massive boost to your digestive system with various ingredients that will make your metabolism stronger while digesting difficult to digest foods
  • It provides 16 grams of Whey Protein, which will give you all the proteins you need while also providing other great health benefits like anti-inflammatory qualities
  • It is loaded with fibers and antioxidants with all kinds of health benefits
  • It is gluten-free, non-GMO, and sugar-free while also being Kosher and Halal
  • It has a 60-Day money-back guarantee
  • It comes in three delicious flavors so you don’t get bored, like vanilla ice cream, chocolate, and strawberries and cream

With that in mind, PhenQ Complete Meal Replacement shakes may not be for you because:


  • There are definitely meal replacement shakes that have higher protein volumes
  • Whey Protein is a cheese byproduct, so this is not a vegan-friendly product

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#3. Golden Superfood Bliss – Best Meal Replacement With Mental and Physical Health Benefits

Best Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss Satisfy Your Hunger While Losing Weight

Digestion, metabolism, muscle gain, and fat-burning, are all goals worth aiming for. There is nothing wrong with being healthier, fitter, stronger, faster, and feeling younger again. But what about our mental health? Can a dietary supplement give us any benefit there? Sure, Nootropics exist, supplements intended for cognitive function “Like Mind Lab Pro Supplements”, but what if a dietary supplement could also give us something for our mind as well?

This is where Golden Superfood Bliss comes into play. You’ll see plenty of ingredients that are great for your body, for burning weight, improving blood flow, and just making you feel overall healthier, but you will also see various ingredients that have a proven track record of being good for your mind as well, and mental clarity can be just as beneficial when it comes to getting healthier. After all, a clearer, more focused, and more positive mindset will generally lead anyone down a path of self-improvement.

The goal of Golden Superfood Bliss is to curve your cravings and stop you from the need to eat excessively while also providing you with a positive, stress-free mindset. Amazingly, Golden Superfood Bliss only has 25 calories, the lowest on this list, but don’t let that lead you to think there is nothing in this. No, in fact, there are so many superfoods in this, as the name suggests, that your health is definitely going to experience a real spike with all the antioxidants and nutrients this meal replacement shake is putting in your system.

Another cool side benefit of Golden Superfood Bliss is that it doesn’t just have to be mixed with water. You can mix it with your coffee, with tea, or even with soup broth for a burst of flavor and a burst of healthy nutrients.


  • Coconut Milk
  • MCT Oil
  • Black Pepper
  • Turmeric
  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger Root
  • Amla Fruit
  • 4 Mushroom Blend (Lion’s Mane, Shiitake, Reishi, Maitake)
  • Ashwagandha
  • Cardamom


  • Absolutely beneficial at helping your muscles recover: On this list, we can see MCT Oil, which is already connected with muscle recovery, as we saw with the Instant Knockout Complete Meal Replacement. However, these are not the only ingredients we have on this list that will help you with muscle fatigue from working out, or even just muscle fatigue from a difficult job. There are multiple anti-inflammatories on here, from Coconut Milk to Cinnamon to Turmeric to Cardamom, all of these ingredients are powerhouses for anti-inflammatory agents that will heal your muscles from hard workouts or long hours, allowing your body to heal any damaged tissue, thus increasing muscle mass and leading to less pain and stress.
  • Antioxidants and Anti-Microbial: There are various ingredients in Golden Superfood Bliss that are loaded with antioxidants, and one of the most important ones is Amla Fruit. Also known as Indian Gooseberry, the Amla Fruit contains as much Vitamin C as nearly 20 oranges would, and is absolutely packed with antioxidants. As we’ve already discussed, antioxidants help improve your blood flow and metabolism, and helps your body break down sugars in your body, both boosting your energy and lowering your blood sugar levels. Ginger Root is also great when it comes to antioxidant properties, but not only does it provide that benefit, but ginger is also great for your digestion, calming the stomach and aiding in healthier digestion, avoiding indigestion that can cause your digestive tract to not function properly, thus not properly digesting excess fats, carbs, and sugars out of your system. Furthermore, Coconut Milk seems to have anti-fungal and anti-microbial effects, keeping your body from being harmed by bacteria and other microscopic organisms that can cause sickness, and Cardamom has been used to stop ulcers.
  • Mushrooms are super healthy without adding a bunch of unnecessary stuff: There are 4 different mushrooms in the Golden Superfood Bliss, and this is definitely a good thing. Mushrooms are super low in calories, but they are also super high in Vitamin D, Potassium, and Selenium, with such benefits as being anti-inflammatory, good for boosting the immune system, and have even been connected to weight loss. However, there is more to these mushroom benefits than just physical health. Lion’s Mane Mushrooms have been connected with memory and depressive symptoms, actually helping users remember things better and increasing overall positive mental attitude in some clinical trials. The Lion’s Mane Mushroom still has all the physical health benefits of other mushrooms, but the mental health aspects are also incredible.
  • A boost to your mental health: On top of the Lion’s Mane Mushroom, Ashwagandha is connected with improved mental health through a reduction of stress. When combined with the Lion’s Mane Mushroom, your mind will experience an overall calm and peace combined with all the major health benefits.

Pros and Cons

All in all, Golden Superfood Bliss is one of the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss because it:

  • Replaces a meal while only being 25 calories
  • Has such great physical health benefits as:
    • Improved digestion
    • Blocking the production of fat with black pepper extract (piperine)
    • It is anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and has multiple antioxidants
    • Helping your muscles recover and keeping you less fatigued
  • Also has great mental effects, such as:
    • Increased energy
    • Improved mood
    • Improved memory
    • Reduced stress
  • Is free of all dairy, gluten, and soy while being both keto and vegan-friendly
  • Comes with free shipping on orders over $100
  • Can be taken before bedtime to improve sleep

Golden Superfood Bliss is a great product, but comes with certain downsides, like:


  • It is not really a product for muscle growth. There may be some products that aid in muscle growth, but this is a tertiary benefit and other products will be much better suited for this goal
  • It doesn’t come with much of a money-back guarantee. You can return unused products, but there is no refund because of dissatisfaction

Buyer’s Guide

Best Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss

So, of these three products, which is the best meal replacement shake for weight loss? Well, as usual with any kind of dietary supplement, it depends on what your goal is. All of these products are great at doing what they aim to do, but what they aim to do may or may not be right for your own personal goals. So, here is a quick breakdown of which meal replacement shake is going to be right for you:

  • The Instant Knockout Complete Meal Replacement Shake is going to give you the most protein out of all of these products because it is more specifically tailored toward building muscle and athletic performance. The PhenQ Complete Meal Shake offers a fair amount of Whey Protein. Golden Superfood Bliss doesn’t really offer much in the way of protein, at least not in regards to what an athlete would be looking for. Either way, Instant Knockout brings over 30 grams of protein to the table and seems to be designed for muscle gains, so if that is your goal, Instant Knockout is the way to go.
  • If you want muscle gain and weight loss, but also want your gut health to be considered, the PhenQ Complete Meal Shake is your best bet. Instant Knockout offers more protein, sure, and Golden Superfood Bliss probably has more digestive benefits, but only PhenQ offers the best of both worlds with its 16 grams of Whey Protein combined with the Digezyme Enzyme Complex. PhenQ will not only boost your metabolism for fat burning while also providing muscle growth and recovery, but it will also help you digest harder-to-digest foods.
  • If you are less considered about muscle gains but very concerned about overall health, Golden Superfood Bliss is the way to go. It is probably the healthiest meal replacement shake on here, being only 25 calories with a load of natural ingredients that are loaded with vitamins, nutrients, and various antioxidants, anti-microbials, antifungals, and anti-inflammatories. While not exactly the choice for gym nuts, the reduction of stress and improvement of mental health is such a unique benefit to Golden Superfood Bliss.

The Importance of Digestive Health

All of these products improve your digestive health, which is really a must-have, especially in the supplement world. Gut issues can be a real problem with supplements, especially if you are taking weight loss pills that are high in caffeine, so it is nice to see that all of these shakes do focus on healthy metabolism and digestion. Things to look for when considering a shake that helps with digestive health are:

  • High fiber products, as fiber is a huge booster of metabolism
  • Enzymes, especially enzymes that are focused on breaking down specific foodstuffs that might be common in certain diets
  • Antioxidants, as they help increase blood flow, keeping fats and lipids from blocking your bloodstream, lowering blood pressure, and increasing heart rate
  • Ginger, as ginger is great for the stomach, reducing issues of indigestion


Where should I purchase these meal replacement shakes?

All of these shakes must be purchased through their specific websites. Any third-party website claiming to have these shakes is lying and is likely selling a knockoff product that is made of inferior products. If you truly want these meal replacement shakes, which are the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss, you should visit the links below:

What should you look for in a meal replacement shake?

There are a few things you should consider when looking to purchase a meal replacement shake, but like with most supplements, the things you are looking for should be connected to your overall goals. So, if you want a good meal replacement shake, you should be looking for:

  • Something low calorie generally, but keep in mind that if you want to gain muscle, proteins tend to add a lot of calories. So, if you don’t care about muscle growth, you should look for something that is under 150 calories. However, if you want something that is packed with proteins for muscle gains, you probably want something in the neighborhood of 400 calories, like Instant Knockout.
  • Fiber is always going to be good in meal replacement shakes for weight loss. Not only does it improve your metabolism, but high fiber meals make you feel more full, so you feel satisfied while not needing to overeat.
  • Anything that helps with digestion. Enzymes are always a good call, as they can help breakdown specific things (like lactase for dairy products or lipase for fats), but ingredients like ginger or turmeric can also be great for sensitive stomachs that have a hard time breaking things down, easing the process to cause less indigestion.
  • Antioxidants are a must, as they have so many vital health benefits that can help you with weight loss, muscle fatigue, digestion, and a multitude of other health concerns.

What should I expect to pay for a supply of meal replacement shakes?

While you can pay under $20 for two weeks of supply of lesser meal replacements at your local Wal-Mart, in reality, if you want a quality product, you’ll need to shell out a little more. High-protein, high-performance products like Instant Knockout can run you $65 for a two-week supply. If you purchase three bags of PhenQ, you’ll pay about $54 for 21 meals, which is still not a full month’s supply but is significantly more bang for your buck. PhenQ, for the record, is the only product that comes in different flavors, so you can get a little more variety. Golden Superfood Bliss is probably the most reasonably priced at about $50 for a one-month supply, though this is with a subscription discount.

These products also come with bulk discounts and even free shipping if more money is spent, so that is something to keep in mind when purchasing.


Meal replacement shakes can be a healthy, safe way to lose weight, gain muscle, and improve your overall health. Which meal replacement shake is the best really comes down to what your specific goals are. The Instant Knockout Complete Meal Replacement Shake seems to be the best product for gaining muscle, the PhenQ Complete Meal Shake seems to be the best balance of muscle gains and dietary health, and the Golden Superfood Bliss shake seems to provide the best overall health benefits, if not being all that useful for muscle gain.

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