Best Tips For Choosing The Best Septum Piercing Jewelry

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As a result of increased cultural awareness and popularity, the old-fashioned septum piercing is making a comeback. In order to make sure your piercing experience goes as smoothly as possible, it makes sense to read up on septum piercing Jewelry tips from others who have been there before.


The most common way people wear their septums is by wearing circular barbells or captive bead rings (CBR) through their nostrils so that weight hangs down below their bottom lip, but this is by no means the only way to wear your septum piercing. You can also wear dangles, horseshoes, short spikes, or even mini disks. There are many ways you can go about wearing your septum piercing based on what you feel comfortable with and based on what you think looks best on your face.


Septums are usually made out of either steel or 14k gold, although some people prefer white gold instead of yellow for their piercings. High-quality acrylic may also be used as a base material for septum jewelry. Keep in mind that some materials are better suited to certain skin types than others – so if you have sensitive skin it might be best to select a material that’s appropriate for your skin type. The most important thing to consider is that the septum piercing jewelry you choose has no rough edges or seams that can irritate your nose.


If you have sensitive skin, it may be best to avoid all septum piercings because many materials contain nickel, which can cause an allergic reaction in people who are especially sensitive to this metal. If at any point after getting pierced with one of these metals you notice irritation, redness, swelling or pain then take your septum piercing out immediately and switch over to surgical steel or gold as soon as possible to avoid further complications. If you’re considering septum piercings, then you also need to be aware that it’s a very common reaction for people who have them to experience nasal septum peeling and even the formation of scar tissue after getting their noses pierced. If it becomes medically necessary, your dermatologist can remove some or all of your skin at home without requiring surgery.


While most people don’t experience any problems with their septum piercing, some people do develop complications after they get theirs done. A good way to avoid these is by being very careful about taking your ring out before going swimming or cleaning your piercing too often because even a mild amount of water in a fresh nose piercing can be enough to cause an infection if you clean it too often or don’t use a mild soap.


It’s important to remember that not all piercings are created equal, so be sure to check out some septum piercing tips from reputable sources before you go ahead and get your nose pierced just to make sure that your dermals will be placed correctly. You may need to wait six months or longer for the tissue around your septum piercing to heal completely. Septums piercing can sometimes result in the development of keloids (an overgrowth of scar tissue) and can also cause significant damage to your sense of smell, which is why many people choose not to wear their noses rings anymore after they’ve healed fully because not wearing them can help you retain your sense of smell.

Hope you have been able to take something from the article. Make sure to follow these tips if you want a long-lasting and safe septum piercing.

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