Best Treatment for Glioblastoma

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Best Treatment for Glioblastoma

Glioblastoma is a malignant brain tumor, which usually occurs in the brain tissue. There is a theory that these tumors develop from glial cells of the brain. In any case, cancer cells usually spread very quickly, which leads to rapid and aggressive tumor growth and severe clinical manifestations.

Treatment options for glioblastoma

Patients with glioblastomas usually undergo surgery first and then they are treated with a combination of several types of therapy, including radiation therapy and chemotherapy. In recent years, clinical trials have had a significant impact on the treatment of the disease. There is hope that further research will bring new information for treating glioblastomas.

The first stage of glioblastoma treatment is usually surgical removal, the so-called tumor resection. The goal is to maximally remove the visible part of the tumor while preserving neurological structures that are responsible for vital and cognitive functions. Unfortunately, glioblastoma cannot be removed completely, so additional treatment is required. Surgical tumor removal significantly prolongs the patient’s life and improves neurological functions. After surgery, a histological study of the excised tissue is carried out.

After resection, further treatment consists of radiotherapy and chemotherapy that are carried out simultaneously. During irradiation, high-energy ionizing particles prevent the multiplying of cancer cells, and inhibit the further growth of tumor cells or lead to the death of the tumor. Healthy cells react to radiation differently. This occurs mainly because they have better mechanisms for recovery in comparison to the malignant cells. To give healthy cells time to regenerate, the necessary dose of radiation is given in smaller doses that are divided between sessions.

In addition to radiation therapy, standard therapy of glioblastoma includes chemotherapy with the drug called Temozolomide. It inhibits the division of tumor cells. Temozolomide refers to chemotherapeutic preparations (the so-called alkylating agents), which may irreversibly damage the tumor’s DNA and prevent its reproduction.

Brain cancer treatment hospitals

Since glioblastoma has a grade 4 of malignancy and is extremely aggressive, the best treatment for glioblastoma is provided by large cancer treatment hospitals. In the best cancer treatment hospitals in the world, this problem is in most cases solved successfully thanks to the novel technology in neurosurgery and qualified healthcare practitioners.

Neurosurgeons often achieve sustained remission due to their experience, the precision of diagnostic tests and innovative technical base. By the way, before the start of the glioblastoma treatment, diagnostic tests are always performed, even if they were already carried out in another medical institution (in the patient’s native country).

Here’s a list of hospitals that provide the best treatment for glioblastoma:

  • University Hospital Muenster
  • Charite University Hospital Berlin
  • Beta Klinik Bonn
  • University Hospital Freiburg
  • University Hospital Frankfurt-am-Main

You can find more information about cancer treatment hospitals on the Booking Health website.

How to go abroad for treatment of glioblastoma during a lockdown?

When you think about treatment abroad, many questions arise: whether your insurance covers the costs of treatment abroad (and whether you actually need one to go abroad for treatment), what kind of visa you need to apply for, what to expect when you go abroad for treatment, and whether it is possible to go abroad at all during the pandemic.

All of these issues are confusing, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You have an option to trust the treatment organization to Booking Health. This way, you will not need to worry about anything: the company will provide you with relevant information about the lockdown restrictions, will draw up a preliminary treatment plan and will assess the cost of treatment, will help you with the medical visa obtaining, and will support you until you finish your treatment and return home safely.

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