Bosch C3 Battery Charger

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Clever charging with the C3 battery chargers from Bosch

Nowadays, a lot is demanded of car batteries. Even compact vehicles are often equipped with a navigation unit, a HiFi system and any number of electrical convenience functions. The best way to ensure reliable starting is to keep a regular check on the battery charge – even in vehicles not used in winter, such as motorcycles, convertibles and classic cars. With the intelligent C3, batteries can be charged quickly and easily whenever required.

The C3 can be used to charge not only cold lead-acid batteries, but also AGM, wet and gel batteries – in the most intelligent way: Employing characteristic curve control, the charging electronics check the amount of charge a battery needs and can accommodate.

Easy to use: Just one button does everything:

Plug in: LED ring lights in blue = Standby modePress mode button: LED ring turns green and the selected charging mode lights.If everything is OK, charging starts automatically after a brief safety pause.

Features: Charging voltage: 14.7 V (± 0.25 V), 14.4 V (± 0.25 V), 7.2 V (± 0.25 V) Battery type: 6 V + 12 V- lead/acid battery (AGM, GEL, MF, open and VRLA) Protection class: IP 65 (dust and splash water protected) Charging cycle: MCU-controlled, fully automatic Convenient one-button operation The charger switches to Standby mode in the following abnormal situations. Used to charge not only cold lead-acid batteries, but also AGM, wet and gel batteries




Simple & Easy Charging

Convenient single-button operation. Charging cable with plug-in connection: Easy to detach, easy to reconnect

Smart Charging

Intelligent monitoring and automatic charging – controlled by an internal MCU (microcomputer unit). Memory function: Saves the last setting

Award Winning Design

Easy-to-use – received the Red Dot Design Award as “honorable mention 2011”. High quality of cables and terminals: Protected against dust and splashes (IP 65)

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Applicable for 6-Volt and 12-Volt car batteries and 2 Wheeler batteries
Automatic detection of battery types whether 6V or 12V ; Suitable for Lead acid wet, AGM and gel batteries ; No risk of overcharge ; Protection against sparks ; Full protection against short-circuit & reverse polarity
Ideal for Start/Stop batteries with AGM and EFB technologies
Trickle charging for optimum battery care. Customer care: 1800 108 1081 ID: [email protected]
Screw- mountable eyelet cables can be installed directly onto the battery .
Product doesn’t work on Dead or Defective batteries
Product will only charge the battery . Charge holding will solely depend on Battery quality / life


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