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As any watchmaker can tell you, designing a watch from scratch can be complicated. It is also a time-consuming process because there are so many factors considered when you make a new watch. Nowadays, luxury watchmakers have many competitors. So, for a watchmaking company to survive the market competition, it has to innovate. In that case, what’s so great about the German company NOMOS Glashutte then?

The Edge of NOMOS Glashutte

If you have been researching NOMOS Glashutte, you might already know that this luxury watch company invests a lot of effort, resources, and time into research and development. The company already has some patents under its belt, but it leaves nothing to chance. This means investing in continuous research and development so that they can come up with unique new watches.

Examples of Watchmaking Innovation

One innovation is the use of patented technology for the date function in each watch. Artisans affixed rubies around the movement, then added the date ring on top of the gemstones. Doing it this way allowed the artisans to maintain the slim watch dimensions without compromising aesthetics.

For the manual winding watches, NOMOS Glashutte created a patented power reserve indicator. The company experimented with and installed a few additional components. This way, whoever is wearing the watch will know in advance that it is time to wind the watch manually.

Another crucial decision was to install the watch movement through in-house operations only. This gives the company more control over the caliber output. (There are only a few watchmaking companies that do this nowadays). 

In addition, NOMOS Glashutte presently collaborates with the Fraunhofer Institute and the Technical University of Dresden. This alliance led to the invention of a unique gear wheel train.

NOMOS Glashutte is now the proud owner of two complicated calibers dubbed the DUW 1001 and DUW 2002. There is also a neomatik caliber called the DUW 3001 as well as the DUW 6101 caliber. Because of all this effort, the watchmaker may be able to invent and patent more innovative technologies over the years.

The Eleven NOMOS Glashutte Collections

The company’s research and development efforts led to the creation of 11 collections of precision watches. Each collection has a particular theme.

NOMOS Glashuette Tetra

One of the more obvious innovations of NOMOS Glashuette is the development of Tetra watches. These timepieces are fairly unique since each watch case is square. This means this collection deserves more than just a passing glance from watch collectors.

NOMOS Glashuette Zurich

“Subtle” is the adjective that comes to mind when you view the Zurich collection. The watch face is classic minimalist, yet it has minor touches that make each watch attractive to watch collectors. Not surprisingly, the Zurich collection has been recognized for its aesthetic appeal and precise timekeeping.

NOMOS Glashuette Tangente

NOMOS Glashuette was only launched in the market in 1990, yet no one can say the company has been laggard. The company came out with this collection back in 1992, yet the company is still producing more stainless steel watches under this line at present. This proves that classic elegance is here to stay.

NOMOS Glashuette Orion

One notable aspect of this Orion collection is that it features mainly watches for the menfolk while the ladies also have their own versions. For this collection, NOMOS Glashuette developed the Alpha movement in-house. Not surprisingly, many NOMOS Glashuette employees own their own Orion watches even when going to work.

NOMOS Glashuette Club

This collection seems to pander to the youth as interpreted by the vibe of each watch. It is possible that many of the younger fans of the German company will be pleasantly surprised to find this collection. It is also equally likely that the youth will enjoy wearing this watch to their high school dance or even when applying for their first entry-level job.

NOMOS Glashuette Minimatik

“Slim and thin” are the two adjectives that spring to mind when viewing the Minimatik collection. That’s because the cases are only 35.5mm thick which is remarkable in itself. It is also unusual that within this collection are three sub-collections called Champagne, Nachtblau, and Silver or Classic.

NOMOS Glashuette Ludwig

The watches from the Ludwig collection seem to be, at first glance, similar to the Tangente collection watches. However, there are some differences, such as Roman numerals executed in a “softer” version. You have a choice between three Ludwig variants, specifically 35 mm, 38 mm, and 40 mm. This may imply that the Ludwig collection has some unisex variants since they are thin and slim enough to be worn on a lady’s wrist.

NOMOS Glashuette Tangomat

The Tangomat collection has the distinction of offering the first automatic watch ever produced by NOMOS Glashuette. These automatic watches may seem very similar to the Tangente too, but the crucial difference is that the Tangente is manual watches only. Not surprisingly, the Tangomat collection has received its fair share of awards.

NOMOS Glashütte Autobahn

This collection is different from the other NOMOS Glashütte collections because it features the company’s diving watches. By collaborating with German designer Werner Aisslinger, the company came up with three Autobahn watches called:

  • Autobahn Neomatik 41Date
  • Autobahn Neomatik 41Date Midnight Blue
  • Autobahn Neomatik 41Date Sports Grey

The names indicate that each watch touts a 41mm case which helps trim down the weight.

NOMOS Glashuette Metro

The Metro collection is probably a youth-oriented series of watches due to its fresh and young vibe. Another aspect of the Metro watches that would attract the youth is the fact that some of its variants may have unisex appeal. That means you don’t strictly have to buy a man’s watch or a ladies’ watch from this collection.

NOMOS Glashuette Ahoi

One way you can tell that you have an Ahoi watch is the clear back of its casing which allows you to inspect the movement within the timepiece. NOMOS Glashuette fitted the Epsilon movement in some of the watches while putting in a Zeta movement in others. The Ahoi watches will allow you to take part in many watersports activities, even diving to a depth of 200 meters.


Though some newbies to watchmaking rest on their laurels by claiming to be “Proudly Swiss-made,” NOMOS Glashuette doesn’t rest on its reputation for German engineering prowess. It goes the extra mile by investing in continuous research and development. This explains its success in the global watch manufacturing industry and why it can hold its own against other watchmaking brands.

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