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Product Description

School Physics Labs Basic Electricity Discovery Circuit and Magnetism Experiment kits

Product Description

Physics is a practical science. Good quality, appropriate physics activities and investigations are not just motivational and fun: They can also sharpen students’ powers of observation, stimulating questions. And they are the key to enhanced learning, clarification and consolidation of theory.

Component List:

– Electricity: (56 items)

1 x Ammeter (0.6A, 3A) & 1 x Voltmeter (3V, 15V)

5 x Lightbulb & 3 x Lightbulb Holder

3 x Switch & 3 x Battery Holder

1 x Resistor Module (5-Ω, 10-Ω, 20-Ω) & 1 x Resistor Module(Unknown)

1 x Solar panels & 1 x Potentiometer

1 x mini buzzer & 1 x LED Module

4 x Copper Electrodes & 4 x Zinc Electrodes

1 x Resistance Tester & 1 x Electrostatic interaction kit

20 x Wire & 2 x Alligator Clip Wire

2 x LED

– Magnetism: (21 items)

1 x Bar Magnet & 1 x Horseshoe Magnet

2 x Circle Magnet & 1 x Mini Magnetic car

1 x Compass & 1 x Iron Filing Box

1 x Solenoid & 1 x Copper Rod

1 x Double Rail Module & 1 x Electric Motor Model

2 x Fan Blade & 1 x Electric Motor

1 x Solar motor & 1 x Hand Crank

1 x Electric Bell Model & 1 x Multifunctional car

1 x Stand(for Circle magnets) & 1 x Copper coil

1 x Iron nail

Special Offer (3 item)

1 x Storage bag

1 x Full-color Manual (32 pages)

1 x Screwdriver

Interesting Physics Electricity and Magnetism Experiment

Hand Crank Generator

When the hand crank is shaken by the hand, the motor generates current, and the current passes through the wire to light the bulb. The hand-cranked generator model fully demonstrates the process of current generation, which is conducive to our popular science study.

Electric Bell

The magnetic reaction of the current: When the power is turned on, the electromagnet has a current passing through it, which generates magnetism. The elastic piece under the hammer is sucked in so that the hammer hits the bell and makes a sound. At the same time, the circuit is disconnected, the electromagnet loses its magnetism, and the hammer is again Bounced back, the circuit was closed, and the electric bell repeated a continuous blow.

Fruit Battery Experiment

The chemical activity of copper flakes and zinc flakes is different. A chemical reaction occurs in the fruit acid to generate an electric current to light up the LED.

Ohm’s law

Through the experimental phenomenon we guessed: the current size may be affected by both the

size of the voltage, but also by the size of the resistance, then we design studies to quantitatively

study the relationship between current size and voltage, resistance, we should study separately;

Value resistors replace a conductor or a circuit to explore the relationship between these three

physical quantities.

Solar Energy Generation

Place the experimental group under the sun, turn on the switch, and observe whether the motor is rotating. You can install blades for the motor. This will be more obvious. It can be seen from the experiment that the sunlight generates current through the solar panel to make the motor rotate. Solar energy is a clean energy and plays an important role in life.

Parallel Circuits

As shown in the figure, a parallel circuit is formed to analyze the flow of current; and eachswitch is closed to see the effect of each switch in the parallel circuit. The analysis finds out which part is the branch and which part is the trunk.


As shown in Figure,the magnetic flux of the energized solenoid is compared before and after the core is inserted;

As shown in Figure,insert the metal core into the solenoid, then connect two electromagnets with different turns in series, energize and gradually change the current, observe the change in the number of attracting pins.

Amper’s Force Investigation

Install as shown in the figure, turn on the switch to observe the direction of movement of the copper tube, change the positive and negative poles of the battery, turn on the switch again, observe the direction of movement of the copper tube, you can see the force of the energized copper tube in the magnetic field, when the current is changed In the direction, the force is different.

Oersted Experiment

As shown in Figure, place the wire along the N and S poles of the small magnetic needle above the small magnetic needle, then quickly close the switch and disconnect it quickly. Observe the reaction of the small magnetic needle at the moment of energization, then change the direction of the current through the wire, and then observe reaction of the small magnetic needle.

Color Manual

The kit is equipped with a 32-page full-color manual. You can build many physics experiment projects by referring to the manual, such as:Series Circuits,Parallel Circuits,Fruit Battery,Measure unknown resistor with Ohm’s law,Oersted Experiment,Electromagnet , Amper’s Force Investigation, Electric Bell Making and Hand Crank Generator, etc.

Useful Storage Bag

When you need it, you can carry it anywhere you want to go, such as: classroom, outdoor, home, etc., open it and use it without worrying about the damage of the storage bag. When you have finished using it, please remove the battery and put it in a storage bag, which is very convenient.

Parallel Batteries

If you want to connect the batteries in parallel, please install the battery in the correct way as shown below. Incorrect installation will cause the battery to short circuit. The manual and product details have detailed introductions, please read carefully.

Pay Attention:

Our kit does not come with batteries, You will need 3PCS AA batteries to do the experiments in this kit.

Pay attention:

Do not mix old and new batteries

Do not mix alkaline batteries,standard(carbon-zinc)or rechargeable batteries.

When your project is completed or unattended, it is recommended that you turn off the switch, remove the battery, and store it properly.

Learn basic Electricity and Magnetism experiments through full-color manuals, understand the basic principles, and help Students learn, think and explore.
The basic Electricity and Magnetism experiments kit includes everything that you need to get started,provides a hands-on opportunity for students in grades 9-11 to build simple electrical and magnetic models
Includes 56 items for Electricity,21 items for Magnetism,2 pcs repair tool,Color page manual,All in the storage bag.(Notice:Batteries Not Included.Need 3 AA Batteries to work.)
This Electricity and Magnetism Experiment STEM kit can build many projects::Series Circuits,Parallel Circuits,Fruit Battery,Measure unknown resistor with Ohm’s law,Oersted Experiment,Electromagnet,Amper’s Force Investigation,Electric Bell Making and Hand Crank Generator
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