Everything you need to know about Careers in Gaming

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Gaming has long been one of the most loved forms of entertainment, but this was not always the case. Historically, they were often thought of as products that kept children away from doing more productive things, such as studying. Many parents would have had fears that their children’s educational attainment would have been negatively impacted due to time spent on video games, but recent research has revealed that video games can actually boost learning. Those who struggle to learn should feel comfortable knowing that many services aid in extra-curricular learning and should also understand that video games are not the leading reason why some children have a hard time learning.

Gaming has evolved to a point where it is now possible to earn a wage by playing them, proving all the naysayers wrong when it comes to the validity of playing video games. There are many ways into gaming, and at the highest level, all of them can provide players with a lucrative cash flow.


What Are the Paths Into Gaming As a Career?

There are three ways to make gaming a job that provides a liveable wage. However, they are suited for different types of people. They are live streaming, content creation, and competitive gaming.

Content creation is something that many people will already be familiar with as it is the practice of uploading pre-recorded videos of gameplay that can be with or without a commentary. In comparison, live streaming is providing this gameplay to a live audience, where they can ask the streamer questions as they play. These two paths into gaming represent a more casual experience, especially when compared to competitive gaming.

Competitive gaming is a career path reserved for those who can count themselves among the best players on the planet. Playing at this kind of level can prove insanely lucrative and one only has to look at some of the massive prize pools on offer to the best gamers. As the experience is purely competitive though, some gamers will have to forego the concept of fun as they are competing to be the best at the game, not to have as much fun as possible.

Streaming vs Content Creation

It should be clear that competitive gaming is only suited to those who are naturally gifted at video games and who want to compete on the world stage. This leaves content creation and streaming as the remaining career paths that will apply to most people.

Both offer players the chance to earn vast sums of money if they can get a big enough following. This may prove easier with streaming services like Twitch as it is relatively new. In comparison, YouTube is an established service where many niches have already been saturated.

The key difference that will interest most though is the level of social interaction. Content creators can only typically talk to their audience after the fact – following a video’s upload. In comparison, streaming gives the ability to talk to audiences live, offering more social interaction.

A career in gaming is a valid, often lucrative way to earn money, and aspiring gamers should feel confident in knowing that there are a multitude of ways to enter the scene that will apply to them.



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