How To Calm Your Nerves Before A Big Event

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There is nothing quite like the night before a big party or your long-awaited wedding; it’s an indisputable truth. There are thousands and thousands of movies and stories about these life events. Everyone has experienced insomnia, anxiety, or excessively planning every minute of the upcoming party, interview, family reunion, etc.

The fact is that when you don’t feel ok, and you become overwhelmed with distressing thoughts and negative emotions, it can be impossible to interact nominally with event participants and enjoy the occasion.

When you want to be in a top-notch emotional state, you should use visualizing techniques and grounding exercises. Last but not least, prepare with practical solutions that will prove precious in case of an unforeseen event.


Here are five tips to overcoming the typical anticipation nervousness associated with an event:

1.   Make a Checklist and a Dedicated Contact List

Or even better, have a whole new notebook dedicated to the big event. Everyone should give you the information and contact number to note every detail and prepare action or future meetings scheduled for your following event. Save every contact on your phone and keep in touch with them in the two weeks before the event.

You can print their phone numbers and names and hand those notes to your organizing team. For example, you don’t want to be bothered with contacting a drinks supplier while holding a speech at your work reunion. It would be easier to ask someone else to handle these logistics actions.

2.   Look for Event Insurance Options

Maybe you haven’t tried it before but what might prove life-saving is to buy an event insurance policy and let the insurance company handle cancellations and last-minute negative occurrences that could lead to a disastrous course of action. Medical costs, lawsuits, and property damages are a few of the most common costs that could incur during your event or before it.

3.   Prepare for Worst-Case Scenarios

Sometimes it’s best to confront your fears and write them down on paper or in a new worksheet on your laptop/smartphone. Going through the weak spots of your event planning will help you prevent any unforeseen details from getting out of control and lead to a not-so-happy end for your long-awaited occasion.

Writing is a great therapeutic tool and helps you achieve a calm state of mind knowing that you have a plan for handling every negative scenario. It can also be of great help to use a project management tool to visualize who is responsible for what and how those people can help you in case of an emergency.

4.   Take Deep Breaths

It sure sounds like a cliche, especially if you already tried meditation and other exercises for improved concentration and focus. But, the truth is that, in case of an emergency, the only reliable way to ground yourself if no other means are available is to continue breathing and think of a solution on the spot. It’s a personal resource that we can all access and counting while breathing can save you from an upcoming panic attack.

5.   Have a Safety Plan

Make sure to come with a backup solution for every important supplier or guest that will play an important role at your event. If it’s the band lead singer or the catering firm, they are all vital for the progress of your evening.

If the main speaker gets sick, you should think of someone who can read his speech or someone who specializes in the same area with equally relevant expertise and could replace them.

The Bottom Line

No matter what comes before the big event, being present and calm is achievable if you make this purpose your sole objective for the day. Keep in mind that some opportunities and occasions only arise once in a lifetime, and you should be able to focus and bring the best version of yourself on the spot. Sometimes the phrase “now or never” can make people move mountains.


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