How to Choose Perfect Saree for your Body Shape

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When talked about the dresses that enhance your bodily beauty, sarees remain on top of the list. For centuries, sarees have been the most popular and most loved traditional attire among Indian women. Gone are the days when only elder and married women wore a saree following the typical saree draping styles.

Over the years, saree draping styles have gone through many innovations and improvisations. There are numerous different saree draping styles, each of them equally unique and beautiful. Even though every woman can rock a saree, very few can identify the style of draping a saree that is perfect for their body shape.

Sarees are one of the women’s best clothing apparel which brings out their natural beauty. Nowadays 9-meter long saree cloth is the center of attention in the Indian fashion industry. Interestingly, the appeal of a saree will remain strong forever due to its looks and beauty.

Over the past few years, the Indian traditional women’s wear has undergone many changes. But many evergreen sarees managed to stay alive with minor innovative designs like pairing it with palazzos, dhoti pants, modern-cut pants, & even jeans.

As important as it is to choose the right fabric for your saree if you wish to look exquisite wearing it, one of the many other reasons as to why a saree is considered to be a flattering outfit is the way it modestly exposes your body shape and curves. Due to this very reason, it is important to choose a saree draping style that compliments your body shape.

Read further to find out the draping styles that are perfectly suitable for your type of body:

  • If your body is pear-shaped

Let me first define a pear-shaped body. Broad hips that are wider than the bust, a perfectly outlined waist, small or narrow shoulders, and slim arms. If you got all of these, then you have a pear-shaped body.

Women with such a body shape should steer clear of modern saree draping styles like the mermaid cut. Why? Because if you choose to drape your saree in the mermaid cut style, your lower body will end up looking way heavier than it really is and this is something no woman wants for herself.

Moreover, chiffon and georgette sarees in bright and bold colors will look exceptionally gorgeous on this type of body shape as it will highlight the body curves very well.

  • If your body is apple-shaped

A woman having a broad torso and shoulders with a medium-sized bust, slim arms and legs, flatter bottom, and a less outlined waist can define her body as apple-shaped.  For a body shape like this, the ideal type of sarees is silk sarees.

The saree can be worn in the traditional saree draping styles. The fall and body of the silk fabric will conceal the bulkiness around your belly making you look slimmer. Georgette and chiffon sarees can also bring out the best in you.

The trick to rock a saree in this body shape is to style the saree in such a manner that it covers your tummy area so the extra fat does not show.

  • If your body is tall and slim

For a woman with the ideal tall and slim body, the most suitable saree style for you if you choose to wear bold and bright colors with heavy work on the borders.

If you wish to stand out not because of your height but because of the way you styled your saree, then digital printed sarees are your best go-to options as the large print on the saree will make your height less prominent.

If talked about fabric, the perfect fabric type of fabric for your saree is net, cotton, and silk. You need to steer clear from saree stuff like chiffon, satin, and georgette since these fabrics tend to cling to your body making you look even slimmer.

  • If you have a Plus-Sized Body

Dark and bold colors and said to make you look slimmer. So, the ideal sarees for plus-sized women are the sarees in bold and dark shades. Along with this, you should also avoid large printed sarees and choose sarees that have small prints and designs on them.

Adding to that, stiff fabrics like cotton are your enemy. If you wear a cotton saree, you will end up looking like you gained extra pounds. The ideal type of fabric for you can be chiffon or silk since these fabrics have an amazing body and fall which will help hide your extra inches. You should also be preferring a full-sleeved blouse that has a deep neckline.

Draping your saree with the Nivi draping style will make you look exceptionally gorgeous.

  • If your body is athletic

Women with an athletic body are definitely aware of the struggle behind the perfect saree style. The ideal saree fabric for you should be stuff like cotton and organza since these fabrics will add a little more volume. If you choose to go otherwise and pick fabrics like chiffon and silk, you might look slimmer than you already are and your curves will not be highlighted as much.

Take advantage of your toned body and wear your saree in a way that gives off the perfect sleek and stylish look. The perfect color choice for you would be light and pastel colors.

  • If you have a petite body

A petite body can be defined as a short height combined with a slim figure. As mentioned above, large prints are ideal for taller women since they make you look shorter which is why large printed sarees are a big no for you.

You should also be avoiding plain sarees and go for small but detailed prints. Choose dark-colored sarees with thin borders to look absolutely stunning.

Now you have an ultimate guide to what type of saree will be ideal for you with several saree draping styles. So, make sure to take some notes before you go on a saree shopping spree. Buy the saree perfect for your body type and slay the event.

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