How to Choose the Best Antivirus For Windows XP

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How to Choose the Best Antivirus for Windows XP is a very important thing you must do in this day and age. If you want to protect your computer against viruses then you need to install an antivirus program. But which one should you choose?

One of the most common programs out there is Spyware Doctor. It is widely used by people who are infected with a virus, but it is also one of the least effective. It does not do a very good job of removing infections and if you try to remove it manually it can cause even more problems. This program can only detect infections and does nothing to fix them. If you have multiple infections it will show some signs and symptoms, but won’t actually remove any of them.

The Most Common Problem:

Viruses are the most common problem that Windows computers are vulnerable to. To solve this problem you need to get an antivirus program that has a good detection rate. To get an infection’s identification you will need to scan the system with it. Many programs have a built-in scanner, but they usually don’t work very well and only identify viruses that are already there on the system.

To scan the system you should use an application called McAfee VirusScanner. It is free of charge and can quickly find all the viruses on your system. It works well with all the major operating systems and has been downloaded 100’s of thousands of times. If you want to get a good look at what is on your PC you should download this program and scan your system.

Anti-Virus Action:

Anti-Virus Action is also a popular choice. It has a very good detection rate and is easy to use. You basically just need to follow the on-screen instructions and it will remove all the infections. This program is also available for free online, but is not as popular as the above-mentioned products. The reason why it isn’t as popular is because it doesn’t have a lot of added features and doesn’t have a good customer support compared to some of the other good products.

We always recommend using the top products in terms of customer service and price. When looking for the best antivirus we recommend using a product called Avast! It’s user-friendly and very good at removing malware from your computer. The best part is that it is Free! This program is used by millions of people worldwide and is trusted by them to help protect their systems.

The Best Antivirus Software:

When looking at how to choose the best antivirus software for windows Vista, we recommend using a program such as McAfee virus scanner, AVG VirusScan or Spybot Search & Destroy. These programs are all very reputable and are very reliable at removing malware and detecting and removing viruses on windows computers. Some people may be misled into thinking that these programs are outdated or that they don’t work, but the fact is that a lot of people are still finding these programs very effective at helping them get rid of malware.

When deciding which program is best you should look for ease of use and customer service that is second to none. If a program doesn’t have phone support then you should probably uninstall it. Don’t just pick one because it looks good or it has nice graphics. There’s only one person who will be able to tell if a program is worth the money, so make sure you’re getting the best one.

The problem of Newbies:

Many people are concerned with “the newbies” looking to purchase antivirus programs. They might have no idea what a virus is and don’t know how to identify the virus, so they just buy a program. However, there are plenty of quality programs that are created by professional companies. So, instead of spending thousands of dollars on software, which you’re not going to understand, spend that little bit of extra money on the right program.

Now that we’ve had our “make or break” experience, what’s the best program to protect you against malware? We suggest that you choose a program such as AVG Antivirus – Vista, it is extremely effective and has a one-time fee. Also check out McAfee VirusScanner, it is also great and very simple to use.


If you’re still wondering how to choose the best antivirus for windows XP, Vista, or 7, we highly recommend that you check out our Vista PC Security Essentials Guide. It covers all the ins and outs of the program and is easy to understand. Plus the program comes with tons of free tools and is very inexpensive. If you’re still having trouble, feel free to check out the below link for more information on choosing the best program for you. Good luck, and have fun on the internet!(Thank you!)

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