How to Increase App Installs for Your Mobile App?

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Every mobile app developer has only one wish. To increase more app installs. Have you ever thought about why people install apps? There is a simple logic behind it.

If an app is providing a solution to a problem they are facing, they will install it on their smartphones and viola, your purpose is fulfilled.

But all this sounds easy, it isn’t in real life and that’s what we are going to help you fix.


List of Ways to Increase App Installs Faster

Here are some of the best ways you can get more app installs and double your revenue. Let’s discuss each of these app installation methods in detail.

  • Gain Trust with App

First of all, your app needs to have solid content in it. If it is a utility app, it should do what it is supposed to do. Most apps available on app stores are trash. They don’t do the work they are designed to do and therefore they get bad reviews. You don’t want that to happen to your app right? So you need to make the app functional. That’s how you can gain trust of your customers.

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  • Promote On All Channels

Once you have the trust, the rest of the journey is quite easy. What you need to do is to promote your app aggressively on multiple channels. Whether it is social media, search engines, paid clicks, display advertisements, or anything else… you need to have your app available on all those platforms. The more your market, the better you market, the more app installs you are going to get for your apps. That’s the best way to get app installs. But how to make your installs go on steroids? That’s when you start to get feedback. Let’s discuss that part in detail below.

  • Get Feedback and Reviews

Now you need to get feedback from people who have used your app. This is quite easy. Just add a pop-up notification in your app that asks for people to review it. But make sure that you make it pop-up for them once they are 80 percent through the application. If you make it popup earlier, it won’t be able to get the right type of reviews. In fact, this all can go opposite.

So, you need to get more feedback and reviews from the users. 

You can also ask the users directly to review your app on your social media accounts, through paid ads, and even within your app. This will hopefully bring-in the more reviews that you wanted.

  • Do In-App Advertisements

Now what you need to do is to start advertisements on the other apps. With advertisement networks, you can easily promote your app in other apps with in-app advertising. Do that or hire a mobile app marketing agency for the same.

People are already using other apps, if you can target your users somewhere it is with-in the other apps that they are already using.

So, try to market your app through this method. Make sure to promote the solution to their problems. That’s what we will discuss in the next point.

  • Answer the Pain Point

All the tips we mentioned above will only work if you are answering the user pain point. So, promote the same pain point to the users through your advertisements, description of the app placement, and even with the images you add on your app placement.

  • Get a Website for Your App

You also need to have a web presence for your application. This way you will be able to get the eyeballs on search engines through SEO. You can also promote your app on other small app search engines available online. These include app search engines like App Crawler, App Store HQ and various others. 

This will give you more market share that can help you get more app downloads and installs.

  • Do ASO on App Stores

What you can do to increase your app installs even further is to properly optimize app listings. ASO also called App Store Optimization is a term used for search listing optimization of your app. This way people searching for a solution to their problem on app stores can find your app.

Let’s say I am looking for a VPN browser on App stores, I can get your app if it is available on the app store. What you need to do is to just optimize the app store with description and keywords related to VPN browsers. These can include ‘VPN browser, VPN web browser, VPN website browsing’ etc.

  • Designing Clever Promotional Strategies

Designing clever and dynamic promotional strategies to increase downloads are one of the ways to increase app downloads.If your app has a pay-to-download model integrated, you can decrease the price of the app to increase installs.A solid user base will latch on to this and will want to acquire the app on a discounted value.A Good word of mouth will keep the ball rolling and will increase your app downloads considerably.Providing discounted games or add-ons with apps are also one of the clever ways to attract new users and retain existing customers on the platform.Finally,If you are marketing your app in the US and are not able to get your app noticed ,then promoting your app on different territories can also surge traffic to your app and will result in the app gaining reviews and write-ups.Once you have enough reviews, your app will start to climb in rankings in other territories and consequently you should be able to get your app noticed in the US as well.


These are some of the best ways to increase mobile app installs. Just try each one of them and then move to the next one once you are successful. If you are not successful in the start, don’t give up but try experimenting with different strategies. This will help you hit the right spot that will eventually work for you. That is it.

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