How to Pivot Your Business Marketing Strategy During This 3rd Wave of COVID-19

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As business owners, we remain prepared for a lot of things. Whether it’s a seasonal move in sales or an unexpected absence of employees, we need to step in and cover.

However, we have never seen anything like the coronavirus pandemic, leaving us uncertain about ways of coping in strange times.

I know this is an isolating and scary time both professionally and personally. I hope you’re healthy and staying safe. This write-up can aid you with planning for business challenges concerning the current wave of COVID-19 pandemic.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve had to pivot several times. Since these are stressful times, they can be a time of growth and innovation. Even if you are among small bin blender suppliers, you can take this pandemic as an opportunity and scale your business.

As you’re making and devising your management plan for 3rd wave of coronavirus crisis for business, here are a few aspects to focus on:

The Importance of Helping Over Selling

I know you have an organization to run, and I’m not recommending you to start giveaways or risk your health to open up offices. What I am suggesting is to take a step back and ponder about your community while you’re operating your company.

There might be a way what you offer could help people in this testing time. I am sure many of your clients had to stop serving customers. And instead, you need to force your clients to order online and pick up the delivery.

Not only Facebook posts are getting liked and shared as it’s a lockdown time, but it has also started a chain of charitable giving. More and more folks are buying goods for themselves and for those who are in need.

Is there any way you can shift your current marketing model to better serve your customers and community?

Online Offerings and Events

Obviously, hosting an awards dinner or a conference is off-limits at the moment. A massive part of your planning for corporate challenges related to coronavirus is going to include an online marketing strategy.

Think in these lines as you can still connect with your audience from the comfort of home. Think of Facebook Live, webinars, and virtual conferences through tools like Zoom. Also, don’t only focus on coronavirus-related content. Keep uploading videos that will benefit your business marketing strategy long after the COVID-19 crisis gets over.

Unless you are a toilet paper or hand sanitizer supplier, you might be concerned about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on your business; your employees, revenue, and empty marketing funnel. So, does it suggest you should stop and hunker down your marketing efforts for the time being? Obviously no!

Business Planning for Future Growth

Undoubtedly, you need to respond to the global pandemic with the correct messaging. However, don’t go for tunnel vision when it comes to your ad dollars and marketing strategy.

While customers are spending considerable time online, they’re not anxious to make decisions about the future, now. If you are providing a service that needs your customers to plan for travel, your conversion rate will drop during the pandemic. Thus, don’t expect the same ads and content that brought traffic to you before the pandemic will keep coming.

But wait! All is not lost! This outbreak can be an opportunity for you to engage with your customers on social media. Try to increase your brand awareness with paid advertising and content. With paid ads, you might even find you have less online competition during an economic slump. It means you will have to pay less for more clicks and eyeballs.

From promoting gift cards on your social accounts and website, craft useful text content on financial planning during COVID-19. Give your clients a reason to stick with you; even if this pandemic is bringing you more business.

If you have the will and courage to look forward while making your coronavirus crisis management plan, you’ll be in a better position to stay relevant. You can remarket your products to your audience at a later time.

Empowering Your Employees

According to a stat, over 500,000 Canadians, or around 2.5% of the workforce, have filed E.I. applications already. The case is similar for US citizens. If you haven’t required to make tough decisions about laying off your staff, how can you keep your team optimistic about the future? Think along these lines!

To make your decision making easier, here are a few ideas:

  • Offer various training opportunities to help your team and company in the long term. It doesn’t matter your training is about getting a new certification or reading some industry books.
  • Consider devising work hours or vacation policies flexible to accommodate those employees whose kids may be out of school. It’s just an example, however, it can be relevant for most of you.
  • Share job opportunities across departments to increase responsiveness to your clients. Use LinkedIn for that matter.
  • Involve your workforce in “back burner” projects or projects you’ve just put off because you were too busy before.

If your employees are working distantly, make a point to check in with them frequently. A virtual daily tea or 15-minute gathering to perceive how everybody is getting along can be essential to your group’s emotional well-being and prosperity.

Whether you are among the top washing powder bag manufacturers or you are a baby diaper supplier, your clients are looking up to you for help and assurance. As you are in your development phase of the coronavirus crisis management plan, remember every customer is being bombarded with messaging noise. That means emails from every company they ever followed, or signed up to on the internet, to get a newsletter from!

Wrap Up

As you pivot your business marketing strategy to remain afloat in this pandemic, make sure all of your communications offer meaningful, succinct, and relevant information. More the value you offer to your customers right now, the more the chances you will be to get succeed.

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