How to start a YouTube gaming channel in 2021? 

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YouTube is the new sensation in the digital world. The year 2020 accompanied the worst pandemic situation, which changed our lifestyle completely. By getting accustomed to the new normal, people have started thinking out of the blue. And take their life to a new phase, and the stage is known as a Youtuber. 

The majority of the people have found out a great way of socializing as well as earning money. And all thanks to YouTube. Just like other social media platforms, YouTube is increasing its number of followers. People love watching videos. Either it is a Vlog, Music video, or a gaming video. 

Not all people can make videos on cooking, traveling, or music videos and get viral. The easiest way to increase the number of followers without too much pressure or effort is the Gaming channel.  

Gaming enthusiasts love watching gaming video content on You Tube. Hence gamers who are watching the gaming video expect that watching the gaming video will be fun. However, suppose you fail to achieve that particular level of fun. If you fail to match this level, there is a high chance that your channel will be lost in the crowd of various other YouTube channels. 

Hence the main aim of this post is to help you build a YouTube gaming channel. So let’s not wait more time, don’t skip the post; you will never know what you will find while reading. 

Top killer tips to open a Gaming YouTube channel

Before reading the article, a small message for you. Even if you are not a gaming expert, don’t be anxious. This tip can be used on different YouTube channels.  

  • Pick the best niche for your gaming channel on YouTube

Being a Youtuber is not about opening any channel. If you want to be a successful YouTuber, the first thing that you have to think about is the niche. Niche is the biggest concern that you have to consider while starting a YouTube channel. 

The concept of the YouTube gaming channel started gaining importance in the year 2020. Hence while choosing the niche, the first thing that we need to understand is what YouTube is. It is a search engine like Google, where people search the videos they prefer the most. Most people search for a particular video when they want to know how it has been done. Keeping this in mind, you have to make a gaming channel. When you are trying to come into the spotlight in the world of gaming channels on YouTube, you can make an effort to make some videos on tips, tricks, tutorials, reviews, or live streaming of the game.  

If possible, study the game properly; if you find any glitch, make a video on it. Make the video unique. If you find any drawback in a particular game, pick it up and review it so that people can know where they are spending money. Reviewing a disadvantage that any other person hasn’t reviewed can make your video more attractive to people. 

  • Don’t run after multiple numbers games; it should be one game at the beginning

At the beginning of the channel, playing with numerous gaming ideas can end up in mesh. Hence it is advised to focus on a particular game so that you don’t have to face any struggle. Being an enthusiast, you will get tempted because you have multiple games that you can use in the channel. You may choose the gaming videos which are the popular ones, and feel like shifting to any other game frequently. Changing from one game to another is not a good idea. If you want to make a place for yourself in the list of the best gaming channels, then choose a particular game for your YouTube channel. If you consider the technical perspective, nothing can be a better idea than following a single game. According to the algorithm of YouTube, it prefers a simple content strategy. Working for a particular game can help you make your focus stronger. 

  • Add interesting intro and outro interesting

Apart from working on the video, you have to focus on the quality of the video. For making a good intro and outro, you can use one of the best youtube  video editor tool like the intro. To make the video look more attractive to the audience, the intro and outro of the video are very important. 

Audience retention is all you need to maintain; if you have low retention, YouTube gets a negative vibe from your video, and they start recommending other videos to the audience. 

 To ensure strong audience attention, it is advised to add a solid introduction to the video. Don’t just open the video and start talking about the game. Instead, Start the video by enhancing the intro where you will describe the video description. 

  • YouTube can count your presence, upload at least one video every week

YouTube is a place with multiple numbers of YouTubers trying to make their identity in the world of gaming and another genre. The most significant mistake YouTubers make is to maintain their presence. If you want to be a successful Youtuber, the first thing that you have to maintain is the presence. You don’t have to upload a video every day, but try to upload at least one video every week. 

Why you should follow the number, according to the latest term of YouTube, if you have good content, whether you upload one video, or two, YouTube will recommend your video to the viewer. If you are following the trend of the expert YouTuber, that’s good, but don’t follow the path for uploading the video. Try to keep it slow, which will help you comprehend the process behind the YouTube channel. 


If you want to be your boss or earn some money with some fame, no other platform can be better than this. The gaming channel is a new concept, but it is getting immense popularity. Here you came across some tips that can help you to start your gaming channel. To make the videos, you can use Invideo, one of the best video editors available online. 

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