Magento Extensions That Will Be Common in 2020

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Magento is one of the most widely used frameworks for E-Commerce growth and industry. Magento, as a feature-rich platform, offers a wide range of features and versatility, allowing companies to achieve revenue-oriented performance. It is open-source, and the Magento creator has incorporated several extensions and plugins, making it more appealing to users. These extensions enhance Magento’s native features, resulting in unending profit for all.

There are numerous influential Magento extensions for the year 2020 that contribute effectively to usability and productivity. It has a very premium feel to it for the various E-Commerce platforms. These extensions also improve the website’s scalability, resulting in a consistent user experience for all.

The following are some of the most well-known Magento-based extensions for the year 2020:

  1. Page Builder Shotgun

These extensions enable users to make visual edits and modifications to any page using a simple drag-and-drop editor. Without writing a single line of code, users can easily edit previous pages while also launching beautiful custom landing pages.

Developers can build this from scratch or choose from a library of pre-built models to get a head start on the next project. Furthermore, once a template is chosen, the new pages can be published and split tested directly via Magento’s integration.

  1. Convenient One-Step Checkout

Customers often express dissatisfaction with Magento’s checkout process. Buyers have difficulty making payments after buying goods, which contributes to shopping cart abandonment. Even if the system runs smoothly, it takes an inordinate amount of time to fill out additional information, complete data, and complete other various steps in what seems to be an endless process. The Smart One Step Magento Extension is a fantastic tool that customizes the checkout process for a more efficient checkout procedure, lowering the chances of cart abandonment. This extension places customers in their carts with just a few pieces of information needed to complete the transaction. The trick is to use a smaller number of taps.

  1. LandOfCoder’s Magento 2 Live Chat

This is a helpful Magento-based extension for customer support. Customers who are looking for a more personalized shopping experience will benefit from this. Even those online retailers who make an effort to offer this service gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. According to statistics, nearly 80% of websites that use live chat services have seen a significant rise in sales and revenue, as well as increased customer loyalty. In reality, nearly 38% of costumes are more likely to be purchased from a store that provides a live support chat option.

With the aid of this tool, the owner can quickly respond to buyer questions in the form of a human chat option. There is also the option of configuring the live chat option, as well as an intuitive and understandable interface. As a result, the shoppers are not diverted from their shopping experience while being available to those who obviously need assistance. The owner may also do this to keep track of and log into various conversations in order to keep a record of the interactions.

  1. Navigation that is layered

This Magento extension enhances and expands the platform’s navigational capabilities, which were created specifically for online stores with a large range of items and categories. This is a Magento 2 extension that addresses critical buyer requirements. When customers search around large stores, navigation frequently slows down. It will now have an effect on their experience. When using the Layered Navigation tool, one can see the category and then click on it to see the items that match the filter. This method eliminates a great deal of clutter. More customers are enticed to shop at this specific store, implicitly endorsing the website/store.

  1. Adaplo

This is yet another important Magento 2 extension that aids in the promotion and advertisement of the brand or shop. It is rare for first-time buyers to make a purchase from a retailer, for both new and old products. This is particularly true during the first visit. Sometimes, brand owners would invest money solely for the purpose of acquiring new customers.

The Adaplo extension comes to the rescue right away. It works by displaying a complex background of product lists in the ad to automate retargeting campaigns on Facebook and the Google Display Network. This will correspond to the interests of individual consumers, as well as their shopping habits. This is an appealing way of luring consumers back into the tunnel in the future.

  1. Binpress is a publishing house based in the United Kingdom

Binpress is a fantastic Magento Connect alternative for obvious reasons. It includes high-quality extensions that have been evaluated for their quality and utility. BinPress only lists legitimate products after checking the details provided by the developers. The goods are evaluated for their consistency using a strict passing and failing system. They also have a publisher profile alongside the merchandise, which is useful for giving the publisher an honest impression in the Magento community.

  1. Soft prodigy is a term used to describe a young person who is

This is another well-known Magento extension shop, with over 250 high-quality extensions. The extensions come with a lot of knowledge about the product and how useful it is. This one-of-a-kind ecommerce extension shop will meet any and all of a company’s needs. This is a great place for Magento extension developers to promote their products. Soft prodigy also offers robust technical assistance to clients at no additional expense, which attracts more buyers and increases the visibility of the listed goods.

  1. Xtendify is a term that refers to the process of extending something

Xtendify is a popular marketplace for buying and selling Magento extensions and plugins. Xtendify’s online store offers a variety of ecommerce themes and plugins in addition to Magento extensions. For its users, it lists all of the premium Magento support extensions as well as some free plugins and templates. This new website is gaining traction, and developers can take advantage of it by listing their products here and establishing their presence within the Magento community.


If you’ve been looking for a perfect online marketplace that will do your extensions justice by offering the right forum and support, Cmsmart is the place to be. Cmsmart, one of the most popular Magento and Virtue art extension shops, has a fantastic marketplace platform where developers can interact with many top professionals from around the world and increase their exposure in the community. Cmsmart’s marketplace blogs are also very useful because they provide up-to-date information on the latest ecommerce news, trends, and events.

  1. Code Canyon is a website that sells software.

Code Canyon must be included in every discussion of ecommerce extensions marketplaces. Since the store’s launch, it has consistently been regarded as the preferred location for ecommerce software companies to install their plugins and themes. In the extensions and plugins section of Code Canyon, there are various buying/selling options for Magento and other platforms. The products also feature details about the developer, which may help you get some attention for your profile.

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