Necessary requirements for PET bottle manufacturing business in Pakistan

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Setting up a business is not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes days to implement the idea that was in your head for months. Business opportunities have started growing in Pakistan over the past 3 to 4 years. International companies have also started investing in Pakistan because of the boom in the economy. Industries that were not profitable before have started offering huge profit margins now and the only reason behind it is the boost in the economy of Pakistan.

The Plastic industries in Pakistan like plastic packaging and manufacturing have seen major growth in the past few years. The polymer consumption has also increased by the plastic industry in Pakistan. All of these facts state that it is very profitable to start a business in the plastic industry here. The manufacturing business of PET bottles is also included in the plastic industry and brings huge profits for Pakistan. It has also grown over the years. A PET bottle is made of polyethylene terephthalate that can be recycled at any time to use for other purposes. These bottles have many purposes and have a very high demand. We are here to talk about setting up a Manufacturing business for PET bottles in Pakistan. You have to meet certain requirements to set up this business. Read about all the major requirements below.

Estimate cost for starting the business

Capital is the lifeblood of a business. Among all the requirements this one is supposed to be the top priority. You need to make a cost estimate the moment the idea of the business pops into your mind. The manufacturing business for PET bottles in Pakistan is very popular and this is the reason why you can easily get a proper cost estimate before setting up this business. Setting up production for PET bottles requires more than 2.5 million rupees. This is an estimate for a small production setup. The higher the scale of production the more the cost. You have to calculate the estimate as per the requirement of your setup.

Register your business and obtain a license

This is a very important requirement for every business. A registered business gets to enjoy many benefits, unlike an unregistered business. There are many authorities in Pakistan through which you can get your PET bottle manufacturing business registered. Other than registration you also need to obtain a few licenses before starting this business. You need to do proper research about Pakistan’s rules and regulations related to the bottle manufacturing business in the country and about the authorities from where you can obtain the necessary license and registration for starting your Pet bottle manufacturing business in Pakistan.

Arrange capital for business-

Among the four factors without a business cannot function one is capital. You cannot even think of a business setup without any proper arrangement of capital. There are always two types of needs of finance in a business. One need is fulfilled from fixed capital that is the cash required to purchase fixed assets and the second from working capital that is the cash required for day-to-day operations. You should first arrange fixed capital through which you can buy machinery and plant for the production of PET bottles. There are several long-term loan facilities in Pakistan through which you will be able to arrange fixed capital. Once your business of PET bottles starts working then you should arrange working capital through overdraft facilities available all over Pakistan.

 Select a location

Location plays a very important role in the success of any business. You need to look for an appropriate location for your manufacturing business of PET bottles. The location that you finalize for setting up the production using should not be much far from the market. Along with this, the labor availability according to the area you selected should also be made sure. All of this plays a very important role in the net profit margin of the company. There are several famous industrial areas in Pakistan where huge business setups are run. Try your luck in such areas.

 Production unit and setup

After selecting a location the first and foremost thing you need to do is think about setting up a production unit. For setting up a production unit you need to install the plant and buy the types of machinery needed for manufacturing PET bottles. The first machine you should buy is an Injection molding machine. After that, there are several types of machinery to buy and plant that you can install for your location so that the production can begin.

Arrange raw material

Like every other product, a manufacturing business for PET bottles also requires raw materials that will be processed in the machinery to produce the final product that is PET bottles. Polyethylene Terephthalate is the most important raw material that is used in making these bottles. You need to arrange this one and many other raw materials before going for a proper set up so that the production process is run smoothly. You should contact different suppliers in Pakistan who can arrange the raw materials for your business.

Look into the production process:

The production process of manufacturing PET bottles involves 2 to 3 proper steps that we are going to talk about further in this paragraph. We are giving you basic information about the production process here. You will receive PET granules from a supplier and you need to dry them first. Then mix them with different colorants. Then they are fed into hoppers used for injection molding. More than 70 preforms are produced in a single molding after being injection molded. After this, the preforms are cooled in a machine until they are turned into a proper shape. After that, they are taken out and are cooled to room temperature, and are then packed into containers either with a custom package or a standard one for dispatch.

These were the requirements that we should fulfill to set up this business in Pakistan. Once you enter the industry you will get to know more details about the industry and this business.

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