Old Traditional Home? Modernize with these Few  Tips!

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With all the interior design trends we have today, we feel like our house needs some updating to keep up with what’s on trend. Unfortunately, we need some variety of styling and designing and sometimes we fail to do so. Sometimes it is difficult to determine whether an element of the house needs to be restored or replaced, or simply needs to be moved out. Therefore, if you need to learn how to modernize an old house, you are on the right page.

Let us learn how to make full use of the past and the present interior designs, and modernize the old house without losing its characteristics.

  1. Clean everything

The first step should be to carefully clean the deep part of the house. Clean thoroughly. Get rid with the unnecessary ones and throw them if you won’t ever need them again. By this, you create more space to your house.As with many old houses, if your house has wallpaper, now is the time to remove it. Old wallpaper is usually peeled off and may become very dirty. If the wallpaper is very old, remove it as soon as possible, because there is a high chance of mold underneath it. Buy a wallpaper remover/steamer at your local hardware store to help you remove all those old wallpaper.If the entire house is carpeted, you will need to replace it with a real new look by cleaning them or cleaned by a professional. Of course, professional cleaning is much cheaper, so if your decorating budget is limited, this is the best choice. If you have hardwood floors and use carpets, you can also clean them and give them a new look.

  1. Create an open space

Accordingly, open floor plans are the most important in terms of home purchase and home ownership. It is very ideal for modernizing a house to have an open floor plan, where the kitchen, living room and dining room share a large open space. In addition, this is your opportunity to create space in the house and make it more attractive to you and your visitors. In fact, making your house look open and airy may not be easier than you think. In some cases, this is as simple as removing large, bulky furniture or moving furniture around the room to see which location provides the most space. If you are addicted to large wardrobes, cabinets or other bulky furniture that take up a lot of space, consider painting in warm off-white. This helps in giving more area and space to your room. By this way, the space is more open. Another way to give people the illusion of open space is the mirror. Placing the mirror on the other side of the window will reflect the light into the room, making the room look more open. If you have a formal dining room that you really don’t use, consider turning it into a comfortable library, home office, craft room, or reading corner. This makes the current space easier to use and creates an unprecedented new room in your house.

  1. Highlight doors and other features

Many old houses have exquisite doors and have functions such as ornate eaves that many new houses do not have. It is recommended to emphasize the different characteristics of house paint. Paint the outer door with bold colors to make it stand out. You can also add varnish to the cornice to highlight it in white on a white background. Paint beautiful gray or other neutral colors to make the interior door stand out. Fixing and highlighting even small features from light switches to cabinet knobs can indeed date your home. Let the house update conventional installations and bring its design into the 21st century

  1. Paint in colors that will connect your house together

Don’t underestimate the power of small paint. The neutral beige can brighten a dim study. The bright and colorful accent wall can bring young people back to the former formal dining room. Applying fresh paint is very useful for revitalizing your house. It takes very little time or money.

  1. Add lighting

Adding lighting is a great way to truly illuminate your living area. Choose table lamps and floor lamps in the lounge, add new colors and upgrade your bedside.  If your living room, kitchen or bathroom is out of date, consider replacing the headlights.

Proper lighting can really add luster to the room. A poorly lit room looks small, dark and cramped, but a bright room looks open, airy and feels good. There are many ways to illuminate the lighthouse. Some simple methods are as simple as buying desk lamps and floor lamps for your home. Strategically speaking, place some key floor lamps in a dark corner and watch the room come to life. These lamps overlap the side table lamps to make the room comfortable and pleasant.

  1. Replace old furniture

If old furniture cannot accommodate new and improved houses, it is best to consider adding new furniture. If the novice is not within your budget, consider buying a second hand or just get creative and use paint and new wood stains instead to update your old furniture. The works of the modern and the specific period together provide a sense of harmony for the house design. It is dedicated to vintage furniture in a special way to give the room a nice element. The key to providing new furniture for old furniture is to mix styles in a compatible way. In this way, it will update your house without losing any unique features.

  1. Replace old curtains

If you are still using the old curtains, you should replace them. There is no date in the room like old curtains. Curtains can be seen 24 hours a day. So it is important to put personality on your curtains. Choose curtains that are in high-quality fabrics and the design will complement your entire house.        It’s easier said than done, so if you need more assistance for your venture in modernizing your home you can read about textile news here!I’ll see you around next time!

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