Teaching jobs that will make you earn money while traveling

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Teaching jobs to earn money while traveling

While many people enjoy visiting foreign countries and experiencing the local culture, others wish to turn their short-term visit into an extended adventure abroad.  


Some take the plunge and transform their lives, adopt a new lifestyle, and retrain as Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) so that they can earn as they travel and make an impact on other people’s lives along the way.


You might have thought about this option and wondered if it was right for you. Leaving your friends and family behind to move abroad is an important decision to make, which requires serious consideration.


Do you have what it takes?


Understanding if you have the right personality to work and live abroad is key for your happiness and success in your future career.


Are you willing to learn? As a teacher of English abroad, learning is something that you will do on a daily basis, from aspects of the local culture to classroom tricks to engage your students. Keep an open mind and embrace the new experience.


Are you flexible? A good educator creates an environment that facilitates learning, and this is not always easy to do. A teacher abroad might encounter different challenges, from mixed-level classes to lack of resources, and it is necessary to be flexible to deliver successful lessons.


Are you patient? You might already know that learning a foreign language is not easy. Remember that your learners might have their own personal struggles and might not progress in their language learning as fast as they would like. Be understanding and try to encourage them to keep going.


Are you TEFL qualified? As teaching English abroad becomes more and more competitive, you will need a TEFL qualification to find a teaching job. Upon completion of a 120-hour course you will receive a certificate to show prospective employers that you are serious about your teaching career.


Where would you like to teach?

This could be a very tough question to answer, but understanding your needs and identifying your goals can help you. 


Some countries have specific rules (often visa-related) regarding their international English teachers, so start by researching in which countries you are allowed to work, depending on education requirements (e.g. university degree), age restrictions, and previous teaching experience.


Also, think about what you want to achieve from this experience: is it a better understanding of the world? A good pay? Further career opportunities? Take a look at the suggestions below.


Main objective: Learning a foreign language


If you are seeking a work opportunity in a country that gives you the chance to learn the local language, the Czech Republic (aka Czechia) is your destination. In this country, many language schools offer TEFL training in-house and hire you upon successful completion of the course. What’s even more impressive is that most schools in this country give their international teachers the opportunity to attend Czech language lessons for free and/or other language classes at heavily discounted prices.


Another advantage of the Czech Republic is its central location which serves as an ideal base if you want to travel around Europe in your free time.


Main objective: Earning a high salary


Kuwait is a hidden gem in the Middle East, located between the desert and the Arabian Gulf, surrounded by archaeological sites. It is a modern and vibrant country with a thriving economy, where English is the common language in any form of business transaction; therefore, the demand for teachers of English is in constant growth. The salaries in Kuwait are exceptionally high and all earnings are tax-free.


If you are not familiar with the culture in the Middle East, you should do some research before moving to make sure that you can settle in more easily.


Main objective: Expanding your cultural knowledge


Japan: the country of the extremes and contradictions, where there is something to marvel at in every corner. From the hectic life surrounded by neon lights in metropolitan areas like Tokyo and Osaka to the fascinating temples and the quiet lifestyle of the remote villages, you will never be bored in Japan. The locals are very respectful towards and interested in other cultures and are very proud to show visitors what Japanese life can offer.


Living in Japan can be expensive, so what salary will you earn teaching abroad in Japan? This is one of the countries that offers among the highest salaries in this part of the world, so you won’t be disappointed.


Main objective: Pursuing professional development


A stunning landscape – from snow-capped mountains to sandy beaches, healthy and tasty food, and a rich culture steeped in history make Italy one of the most sought-after destinations for TEFL teachers. From the north to the south of the country, English teachers are in high demand, but the competition is stiff. 


Most schools offer ample opportunities for professional development through seminars, courses, and in-house training: another reason why Italy is on the bucket list of most TEFL teachers.


Main objective: Making international friends


Living and teaching in Colombia is an experience like no other. There, you will be in contact with nature, visiting spectacular sites like the Amazon and the Caribbean beaches. You will also be immersed in a very friendly atmosphere, where you will witness first-hand the welcoming hospitality of the locals. Their happiness is contagious and will help you see the world from a more positive perspective.


Although finding a teaching job in Colombia is relatively easy, you should be mindful of existing visa scams. To avoid becoming a victim of these, ask your prospective employer to give you all the information regarding the visa process.

Are you still in doubt?


Turning your life upside down, leaving what is familiar and the people you love behind is tough. However, sometimes, the need for a new challenge is greater than the fear of the unknown. Teaching English abroad can make you feel excited and accomplished, knowing that you are fulfilling your travelling dream while helping others achieve their goals.


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