The best online games to play with a friend

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Online Games

The gaming industry is overflowing with online projects for many players and for a single passage with full immersion in the story, but what about players who want to play together, be they a couple or friends?

Many projects allow you to play with several people, but not all of them have separate specially designed modes for a comfortable game together, but they exist and today we will consider them.


What projects should be considered for playing together


online games


A popular football simulator with advanced graphics and physics of the behavior of the players and the ball, as well as realistic stadium reactions.

The game has many modes where you can choose teams and fight one on one.

If you really want to win, then buy FIFA coins and buy strong players who are guaranteed to be stronger than your comrade’s performers and give him a warm welcome.

You can use coins to open game packs with a random chance of dropping good or average football players or buy any players that you like in the transfer window from other gamers.


Dota 2

A cult MOBA game in which you have to choose one of the hundreds of characters with different skills and combine them in a team game, earn gold and destroy the enemy base before the opponents destroy yours.

Dota is built as a 5v5 game, but for a two-player game, there are many modes in which you can fight one on one in the middle lane, or play tower defense or story maps created by other players in the workshop.


A cult shooter where special forces fight against terrorists. The task of the special forces is to destroy the enemy and prevent the bomb from being planted and deactivate it if the terrorists managed to install it. The terrorists must defeat the special forces, or let the bomb explode after being planted.

Unlike Dota, CS:GO has a full-fledged mode for playing in two.

2×2 – competitive mode, on smaller maps, where the terrorists must defeat the special forces or plant a bomb. There is only one site available, and it all comes down to shooting and clearing the site.

Cleanup – choose a weapon from the provided cards and destroy the enemy. The main differences are that the bomb is installed immediately, and the time is limited, the special forces have an advantage by one fighter.

online games

Apex Legends

Apex is a dynamic battle royale shooter where players choose an agent with unique skills and parachute onto the game map at an arbitrary point with one knife. They must find a weapon and survive until the end of the match. The playing area will constantly decrease, forcing players to constantly move and fight with each other – this is necessary to avoid time in a safe place and finish off the surviving opponents.


For two players, there is a separate mode two.

You land together, see each other on the map, and fight with the same pairs of players.

Since Apex Legends is built on agents, your task is to correctly combine the characters with each other in order to be useful to each other and be as effective as possible in combat clashes.


Combination options:

Liferain and Octane are field medics and boosters with the ability to regenerate health out of combat, as well as replenish health and ammunition using drones and resuscitate without the participation of fighters while maintaining combat power.

Gibraltar and Bloodhound – shield and damage block combined with the ability to track the movement and location of the enemy and bombard the specified point.

Mirage and Wraith are two masters of stealth and fast movement who use illusion and disappearance from the battlefield to disorient opponents. Mirage creates copies of himself – combat and distracting, and Wraith puts trampolines to move around the map.

Mortal Kombat and Tekken


There is nothing better than a good old fighting game for fun between two players.

Of course, for such games, it is desirable to acquire gamepads, but it is quite possible to play on a PC if you want to prove your combat capabilities to a friend.

Choose modes and start fighting each other to victory, or start playing the company in co-op mode to explore the game story and uncover the history of the characters you love to play as.

Of course, the storyline is more about Tekken. Still, from series to series, developers add characters and improve old heroes and their story, which has been going on since the first parts, which were released exclusively on the PlayStation.


A fun sandbox game with Mario-style art, in which you can build and do whatever you want with a friend or a group of friends.

You need to build a house, explore the game world and dungeons, dig to hell, visit the holy lands, meet big bees and a huge eye, fight monsters and master magic, watch a meteorite fall, and progress from bows to muskets and machine guns.

The game deserves attention due to the fantasy component and a large share of humor and cartoonishness.



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