The Importance of Safety When Buying WoW Gold

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Getting WoW gold can be a time-consuming, expensive, potentially dangerous process.

There are a lot of shady sellers in the gold-selling industry who may scam you or make you wait long periods of time before getting your WoW gold. Furthermore, it’s often hard to determine which sellers are trustworthy, and you might fall victim to buyer’s remorse again. That is why the importance of safety when buying WoW gold is something you have to take into consideration!

That is why in our text, we will show you the best tips on how to stay safe when looking for WoW gold vendors. We will show you the signs of a good exchange, how to buy gold, and the best way to stay safe, so read on!

Buying Gold – Safety First!

Safety First is something we all hear way too often and in various fields. But, unfortunately, World of Warcraft, be it a game, still has its risks, especially when it comes to buying gold. That is why the saying finds its place even in this fantastic MMO when it comes to acquiring gold quickly.

As you all know, the internet is a scary place – it is definitely helpful and delightful but can hide potential threats from which most are for your wallet.

Nowadays, there are tons of scams coming in various forms, and tricksters have found their way even into this iconic game. They target the players who find a place to rest and chill out in exploring Azeroth. Such scams often include buying services. Thus it is essential to know which option is safe and which is not.

That is the main reason for our text today, and we will inform you mainly on how to get gold safely and avoid possible threats that can endanger your wallet and your experience with similar services in the past.

What Should You Know about the Safety Measures for Buying WoW Gold?

Safety measures, as you already assume, are essential. Especially when we buy things online, and it is our first time. That is why there are many things you can do before taking these steps to acquire gold coins in WoW in an easy way. Such precautions, for example, are:

  • Make sure the vendor is legit!
  • Prepare everything beforehand – do your homework.
  • Do not trust random players from forums or in-game chats!
  • Make sure you read a review of the service you choose!

Aside from all these things, there are many more, but if you pay attention to these four, you will be able to avoid scams and most likely order from a legit gold exchange. 

Once you find a trustworthy vendor, you can be sure that there will be almost no chance of a scam. That is especially true if it is a popular one, as these websites have everything and seek to maintain their clients and reputation. Thus, they do their best to avoid any mistakes or issues and deliver their customers the utmost performance and satisfaction.


How Safe is It to Buy WoW Gold Online?

Now that you know about safety in general and have learned some of the fastest tips that exist, it is time to lead you through the process and learn how to buy gold for yourself safely!

The first step you have to take is choosing a vendor; as you already know how to find a good one ( reviews, opinions, and trustworthiness noted by players), you can proceed with reaching their site. After then, find the gold service page, which usually happens quickly, and from there, you can see all the details.

The next step will be to select your region, be it America, Europe, or Asia. Next, pick for which alliances, be it Horde or the Alliance – it is up to you. Then simply follow these steps:


  1. Choose a region, then look at the servers and find the one where your character resides.
  2. After that, click “Buy now or Buy” from there, you will be asked the number of the gold you need.
  3. Next, decide how much you need – 100 or 200k or more.
  4. Following that, you have to enter your character’s name (the one to receive the gold) and your email for confirmation.
  5. Lastly, simply proceed with one of the many payment methods, and you are set.


All that is left for you is to wait to get a confirmation email. Then it will take some time for the gold to arrive, and once it does, you can easily access it from the in-game menus. Simply enter the game with the character you bought the gold for, and voila! If it is still not there, wait a bit more. Usually, it takes around an hour or a little bit more.

Note: It is essential to choose the correct payment method – we suggest PayPal as it is fast, easy, and secure!


Is It Safe and Legal To Buy WoW Gold in Exchanges and Sellers Sites?

The short answer to whether it is safe or not to buy in-game currency in World of Warcraft is – YES. However, you already know that it is only safe if you do it properly. Any other options – like getting it from in-game or forum players and not from a legit vendor with the website are risky and likely a trick to get your money.

When it comes to whether it is legal or not, welp everyone knows that buying gold is illegal on the game premises. It was legal only with the gold tokens, which are not available in Shadowlands or the mass played versions.

The only option is the online gold sellers with large pools of shiny coins who can freely sell them to gamers. At the end of the day, the process is risky, but it is unlike getting caught. They use many precautions like VPNs not to get their IP detected and send the gold from characters that are and can be sacrificed. If something, the chances of you getting banned are little to none.

Note: However, there is still a possibility of getting banned. Suppose you buy it from someone in the game. You can easily be caught. That is why we suggest the use of a legitimate seller – as shown above.


To put the verdict on buying gold and how to do it safely, we ought to say that you will be fine if you follow our tips. However, remember that there are many signs of fishy gold sellers – especially if you randomly found them in Azeroth or some random forum.

If you heed our advice and look for credited gold exchanges online with an established name in the service, you will be safe. On the other hand, we can not promise to be safe from Blizzard – they do be eyeing everyone who does buy gold publicly. But once again, the chances of getting caught are minuscule. At the end of the day, whether you are safe or not is up to what decision you make. We wish you good luck, and hopefully, our text was of help to you!


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