The Top 5 Goggles for Men You Need to Try

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Top 5 Goggles for Men You Need to Try

Over the past few years, fashion has become a dynamic space that is replete with reimagined trends of the past while also becoming increasingly fluid and personalized as a concept. No more do certain trends hold a monopoly over the others, as people have started to define themselves and their appearances through different styles irrespective of how old or new they are. The spirit of fashion has become less about staying in vogue and has transformed into the necessity to express yourself through things like your wardrobe, hair, and accessories.

Goggles for men have also undergone a similar journey, where decades or trends have spilt over into the new century as a nostalgic range of options for people to choose from, as per their favorite aesthetic.

Top 5 Goggles for Men
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While choosing the right goggles for men is also a process that can be daunting for those who are unaware of how to proceed within this abundance of choices, it can be fairly simplified by understanding the basics of eyewear.

As mentioned earlier, trends have become so fast-paced that they seemingly coexist simultaneously; therefore, let us look at the top goggles for men that you need to try:

  1. Brown, Square Rimmed

Brown, Square Rimmed

Gone is the idea that goggles for men have to be limited to black shades or aviators. An emerging trend that is making its return is the brown shades that add a chic finish to your outfits without being a run-of-the-mill pair of shades. The lighter lenses enhance your features, go great with most outfits and make you look like your casual or business best.

  1. Grey Aviators

Grey Aviators

The iconic bridge of these aviators has adorned the hall of fame of fashion for many decades. There’s a good reason why this pair is one of the best options for goggles for men even today. With universally flattering frames that provide 100% UV protection, aviators are classic and timeless in terms of their design and functionality. Across runways and personal closets, lighter lenses and aviators have been making a statement for those who lean towards classics.

  1. Black Ovals

The new-gen inclination towards baggier silhouettes and minimalistic accessories has materialized itself through the return of the pincher or tiny goggles for men. These black oval goggles for men are a great example of an iconic design born out of exploring unconventional sizes and frames for glasses. While the oval design is a nod to the old-age aesthetics of small lenses, the wireframes are a lightweight addition that makes it an instant classic. For those who embrace the spirit of experimentation and are conscious of the latest trends, the oval goggles for men are a must-have for your wardrobe.

  1. Rectangle Frames

While angular frames and designs in goggles for men are not a new concept, the trends leaning towards rectangular frames have been ever-present since the 90s. A great style to try for those who are inclined towards angular frames, rectangle goggles for men can be a great way to upgrade your outfits from casual to urban chic. The lenses of a rectangle rimmed pair of goggles are great for UV protection as well, as the size is optimal for the best coverage from the sun.

  1. Wraparounds

The style of the wraparound, reminiscent of the iconic Oakley’s, has gradually made its return to the closets and personal collections of many eyewear enthusiasts around the globe. The style of the wraparound is made with the best coverage and protection in mind, as it was originally designed for and is still predominantly worn by athletes. With its faultless well-rounded design, the wraparound epitomizes the urban aesthetic while being timeless pair for goggles for men in its own sense.

To explore more must-haves in modern and vintage eyewear styles to try, you can head over to reputed and trusted brands like Fastrack, who combine the best of fashion with the best protective features at great prices.


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