The ultimate guide to women wedding band

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Probably the first purchase a couple makes is buying a wedding band set with a similar design that can be worn by both partners. This is in addition to the engagement ring that the man gives his fiancé.

A wedding band symbolizes love and commitment between a man and his fiancé. An Engagement ring, on the other hand, is sometimes seen as a reminder that a man is ready to commit to his girlfriend and that he intends to marry her at a later date.

Why wear a wedding band?

An engagement ring is usually given as a surprise to the woman. Matching wedding bands are given in the formal engagement ceremony held at a later date. Usually, it is ensured that the wedding band matches the engagement ring  so that both can be worn together.

Many wear their engagement rings only on special occasions, while many other women wear their wedding bands daily.

Based on your preferences, you can choose wedding bands based on a variety of styles.

Women’s wedding band styles

Plain bands– These simple bands can be made with any kind of metal with minimalistic designs. To match with your engagement ring, you can get these made in the same metal and design as your engagement ring. This will look perfect on you as well as your fiancé.

Eternity bands- These come with a continuous circle of diamonds or other precious stones across the entire band. You can also opt for half-eternity bands, where only the front half of the ring has precious stones in it. The never-ending circle of stones in these wedding eternity bands represents eternal love between you and your better half.

Pave bands- In these bands, the diamonds are held up with mini prongs to give you an uninterrupted sparkle. There are many types of Pave bands available-French pave bands, micro pave bands, petite pave bands, etc. These bands divert attention to the center stone, giving you an exclusive look.

Channel Bands- These look like two separate bands, where the diamond is in the center supported by tiny prongs that connect the diamond with the band on both sides. These look quite similar to pave bands, but the connection between the diamond and the strip of metal is what differentiates it.

Contour bands- Also called shadow bands, these are made to match an existing engagement ring. For example, if you have a V-shaped diamond engagement ring, you could get a contour band that can be worn below the ring which could complement its look.

Choosing the right customized wedding band

If you are looking for a unique solution that is not available at your local jeweler, you can contact an expert like those at  Finer custom jewelry and check for a made-to-order wedding band solution. Here are some ways in which you can customize your wedding band.

Choose the ideal style- You may have a rough idea of the design of your wedding band. As discussed above, check online for the wedding band style you desire. You can look up on Pinterest and Instagram to start with. Do not blindly follow trends, your design should be practical and unique. If you are plan to wear an engagement ring with a wedding band, you can choose a wedding band that complements the ring. This could mean a wedding band soldered (joined to) to your engagement ring.

Choose the metal and diamonds- If you are opting for a wedding band that complements your engagement ring, you will have to choose the same metal and design. If it is only the wedding band you want to wear, you have a wide variety of customizations to choose from. You can choose from various metals, finishes, material designs and so much more. Do keep in mind that getting a customized ring made can take some time.

Are you looking to add gemstones? – If you want to enhance your wedding band’s beauty, you can choose from a wide variety of gemstones and diamonds. Many of these gemstones come with varied colors and textures. Choose one that suits the design and materials of your wedding band.

Decide your budget- After you have made up your mind about the design and type of your wedding band, you have to determine how much you are willing to spend. With customized designs, there is a lot of flexibility when it comes to using various materials, metals and gemstones. If prices are above the budget, you can choose to redesign your wedding band accordingly.

Share your thoughts with an expert jeweler- Once you are sure of what you want, bring your ideas, sketches, images and other similar wedding band designs to an expert jeweler.

He will be able to guide you and let you know if any alterations need to be done. Don’t forget to ask all kinds of questions you have concerning your design.

Also, determine the quality of your jewelers work- look up online at his work and reviews of his past customers. Also, ask around about his work.

Determine your finger size and dimensions-Once you have finalized the design, your jeweler will determine your finger size. Ensure you are comfortable with the dummy ring and that it isn’t too loose or too tight. Also, the width of the wedding band will make an impact on your ring size.

Place your order – With everything in place, place your order. As this is a customized ring, this may take a few days to a few weeks to get ready. Do ensure you place your order at least two months before your special day, considering unexpected delays.

A customized wedding band is surely something you would cherish. Do not take a decision swayed by emotion or other factors. This is an important milestone in your life that should be taken after careful consideration. As you are going to wear this band daily, do choose a design that will stand the test of time. In the end, your ring should last a lifetime.

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