Things to keep in mind while choosing the right mattress

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Make the Right Mattress Decision with SleepyPanda India

Choosing the right mattress is the first stone in the foundation of sleep which further forms the element of health. The link is intricate and easy to forgo which can result in physical as well as mental complications. 

When you buy mattress online, while browsing through the catalogue is easier, choosing the right mattress is easier said than done!

There are a few factors to consider we zero down on the right mattress. Some of the most important parameters are:

  1. The budget
  2. The lifestyle 
  3. The user’s sleeping position
  4. The type of mattress
  5. The mattress’ lifespan

Before you step into a shopping spree, here are a few questions that you need to answer:

  1. Does the user have any body ailments and issues that need to be addressed?
  2. Is the existing mattress old and weary?
  3. Does the user wake up tired and stiff instead of relaxed and rested?

Answering the above questions will not only help you determine what kind of mattress the user should choose but also determine whether they are making the right choice. 

At Sleepy Panda India, the customer is not only spoilt for choices but also, at their behest, a range of high quality mattresses with a research backed manufacturing process that produces one of the highest quality products to ensure sleep is not just a requirement for the user but a wholesome experience as well!

Good to Know: As per research by the University of Otago, good sleep is one of the major pillars of positive mental health, among consuming raw fruits & veggies and exercise.

When a mattress starts causing aches and sags from the middle, with evident wear and tear, it is time to scour for a new mattress. How to Choose the Right Mattress?

So how does one choose the right mattress? Here are a few factors to consider.

Check for the Firmness Levels

This is one of the most important factors to consider while choosing the right mattress. 

The firmness of a mattress is defined by its hardness or softness. However, the feeling of which mattress may feel soft or firm is subjective, depending upon the user. Consider the following to determine preferred firmness levels:

  1. The body weight while sleeping on a narrow surface area. 
  2. The afterward feeling of sleeping on the existing mattress and wishing it were more firm or less firm. For instance, does the mattress at a hotel help you sleep better? Then the preference might lie for medium-firm mattresses.

Do You Have Chronic Back Pain?

While there are many medical and lifestyle explanations behind chronic back pain, the type of mattress is often the most common one. 

Those with acute back pain are mostly the ones with temporary maladies that can be remedied by placing pillows or overturning the mattress. However, for those with chronic back pain, there is an impertinence to switch firmer mattresses that will support the spine and dissipate the pressure from the back. 

For those with lower back pains, there are chances that your mattress is unable to support your lumbar region and requires a medium to medium-firm mattress for reinforcement. The same goes for side sleepers who require a similar mattress to alleviate the pressure off the shoulders and the forearms. 

Check the Type of Mattress

Not every mattress is meant for everyone. This includes the type of mattress one goes for. While a memory mattress may seem fine for those with back problems, an inner-spring mattress is great for those looking for extra support. Coir mattress is great for those looking for a  more sustainable structure while latex mattress is most preferred by those looking for low heat retention. 

Consider the Type of Sleeping Positions

Sleeping positions have a lot to do when considering a mattress. This position is the most natural state of the body while resting and it is next to impossible to change it. However, what one can do is select the right type of mattress based on the sleeping style. 

The Back Sleepers

One of the majority types of sleepers is the back sleepers who need a mattress that cradles the spine area and as well as maintains its alignment. Memory foams are great for these sleepers. 

The Starfish – Stomach Sleepers

While this is not a recommended sleeping position, there are stomach sleepers out there, and they’re a lot of them! If you are a stomach sleeper, innerspring mattresses are the ones that work best to keep the stomach and the spine upright instead of sinking in the stomach. 

The Side Sleepers

Those sleeping on the side can for innerspring mattresses to take off the pressure from their shoulders and forearms. Memory foam mattresses also work well as they take the shape of the body and distribute the weight around these sore points. 

The Budget

Buying the right mattress is an expensive affair and while the right mattress can weigh a little on your pocket, not buying the right mattress can weigh very heavily on your health as well as expenses. 

SleepyPanda India perfectly balances the thin line between expense and quality and ensures that you receive the mattress meant for you without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Why SleepyPanda India’s Orthopedic Mattress is the Right Choice?

Good sleep is all about good posture and support. With SleepyPanda India, users, especially with back problems and joint aches are at the benefit of comfortable and uninterrupted sleep.

High-End Support for Natural Posture

Natural sleeping positions are the body’s way of looking for that sweet spot to rest. Sleepy Panda India’s medium to a firm surface, complete with memory foam optimizes the push back to help users snuggle in comfortably. Since the memory form takes up the shape of the body, the conformed space cocoons the body, allowing it to rest in its most natural form which invariably leads to uninterrupted quality sleep with no stiffness. 

High Durability 

Since the mattress is medium-to firm with high-quality memory foam, it does not shrink or sag in the middle easily. Its high durability is a testament to its quality and is known to last for more than a decade without compromising on the quality of sleep you deserve. 

Even Weight Distribution

One of the major causes behind the lack of sleep is the uneven weight distribution that puts pressure on specific parts of the body, leading to aches and joint stiffness. The Sleepy Panda India Orthopedic Mattress offers its users with targeted support to even out the body weight and prevent pressure build up in susceptible areas. 

Suitable for all Sleeping Styles

SleepyPanda Mattresses are orthopedic by design, and provide maximum comfort and support to the body. Due to the memory foam layer, the mattress adapts to the contours of the body and so the mattress is suitable for all sleeping styles.

Before You Hit The Snooze Button

With the help of the aforementioned points, you are now in the position to make the right mattress choice for your health and betterment.

Choose the right mattresses online with Sleepy Panda India and treat yourself to quality sleep! Head over to and get the mattress you deserve!


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