Tips on how to start trading on Binomo

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Tips on how to start trading on Binomo

Binomo is a trading platform that has brought together thousands of Binomists from over 130 countries. In the following article, we will answer the question “What is Binomo, and how does it work?” and will tell you all about the benefits of the platform. Also, read on for tips from experienced traders on how to use the trading app and website effectively.

Sign up for the Binomo platform

Registration on Binomo is fast and convenient. You need to enter your email address, create a password or sign in via a Google/Facebook account.

Choose the currency carefully because it cannot be changed afterward. Also, read and agree to the terms of the Client Agreement and Privacy Policy thoroughly to ensure you don’t violate the platform rules. For instance, having more than one account is forbidden, so you should learn how to close an existing one before creating another.

After registration, Binomo may ask for proof of his identity. Don’t be afraid to pass verification; securing your funds and data is important. Account verification on the Binomo platform has become considerably faster, taking only a few minutes (vs. IQ Option, where the process can still take days).

Note! You can use Binomo in English, Hindi, or another by switching languages to the right of the button to log in.

Learn how Binomo works

Before you start trading, it’s essential to understand how to use the platform. Explore free educational materials, such as video tutorials and pop-up tips. Also, explore the Help Center, a section similar to Wikipedia on trading, which provides detailed answers to the users’ FAQs.

If you couldn’t find the answer to your question, don’t rush to get frustrated with the platform. Write to the chatbot or support team, and your issues will be solved as soon as possible.

Note! You should refrain from asking how to make money on Binomo because it’s a trading and educational platform rather than a place to make a profit quickly. Additionally, avoid asking how to play Binomo since trading isn’t about winning a game.

Practice FTT on a demo account

how to start trading on Binomo


The main trading mechanics that the platform offers are Fixed Time Trades. FTT enables you to get additional income from even the smallest price changes. Here’s how to trade on Binomo:

  1. Choose an asset (gold, commodity, currency pair, etc.).
  2. Set the amount for investment (from $1 to $1000).
  3. Choose a trade expiration time (from 1 to 60 minutes).
  4. Analyze the chart and forecast whether the price will move UP or DOWN.
  5. If the forecast is correct, you will get additional income. Otherwise, you will lose your investment.

Before moving on to real trading, practice FTT on a demo account. It is a free and secure environment for training on actual charts. You risk nothing, as the demo account contains virtual $1000, which can be replenished at will.

Master and use trading strategies

Binomo offers strategies for traders of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals. However, it’s vital to grasp that no technique can guarantee results on its own. You should also learn how to analyze charts and use indicators. In addition, testing each trading strategy on a free Binomo account is recommended before using it on a real one.

Participate in Binomo tournaments

To develop and test trading skills, Binomists also advise you to compete with other traders. Start with the “Daily Free” tournament, available to every Binomo trader, including those who use a demo account. If you’re ready to move on to paid contests, you can invest in the platform and get a real account.

All tournaments on Binomo differ in the size of the prize pool. Competitions for VIP traders envisage the highest rewards.

Make deposits and get bonuses

how to start trading on Binomo

You should make the first deposit after sufficient training and practice on a demo account. Binomists also emphasize that starting with a significant investment is unnecessary.

The minimum deposit on Binomo is just $5. You can use the most popular payment options In India: NetBanking, IndianCash, PhonePe, UPI, PayTm, Indian exchanger, GlobePay, etc. Note that PayPal isn’t available.

Increase your trading potential by taking advantage of the free bonuses that Binomo offers. Click on the lower-left banner to receive a welcome bonus that will increase your first deposit by 25%. Note that it’s only available for half an hour after registering.

Bonuses on subsequent deposits depend on the type of Binomo account and range from 100% to 200%. You can also combine this bonus with a coupon or promo code.

No-deposit bonuses, including risk-free trades, investment insurance, and free participation in tournaments with increased prize pools, are primarily available to traders with VIP accounts.

Note! When using bonuses on Binomo, don’t forget to read the terms and conditions of their use.

Are you unsure of how to withdraw money from Binomo? The minimum withdrawal amount is $10. For security reasons, the withdrawal of money can be made using one of the payment methods selected to deposit. Depending on the kind of your Binomo account, the time it takes to process a withdrawal request can range from a few minutes to three days or more, but the actual duration depends on the provider.

What’s interesting about withdrawing from Binomo? Other trading platforms, including IQ Option, may charge commissions vs. Binomo, which provides one withdrawal per 24 hours without a fee.

Note! The Binomo platform allows users to withdraw up to $3,000 per day, $10,000 per week, and $40,000 monthly. Some payment systems may also add limits on withdrawals.

Trade in the Binomo mobile app

Binomists recommend not to limit your financial empowerment to only trading on a computer but also to use the yellow logo app. The Binomo mobile software is free for download from Google Play, the App Store, App Gallery, Aptoide, Galaxy Store, and Apptoko.

For users of Android devices who wish to invest and trade anywhere, there’s no need to hack if they have installation issues. The APK version can be downloaded from the web at

The Binomo software isn’t optimized for PC, and there’s no desktop app for Windows or Mac OS. If you wish to trade from a PC, log in to the Binomo web page in a browser.

how to start trading on Binomo

Briefly about why Binomo is legit

So, is Binomo safe or a scam? The platform is legal; if it were a fraud, over 250,000 Binomists in India wouldn’t use it. To distinguish if the company is real or fake, look for positive trader and broker reviews on forums like Quora.

If you don’t trust the comments, let’s get down to the facts to see if Binomo is safe or not. It’s regulated by The International Financial Commission and holds a trades quality certificate by VMT. In addition to the FE Award 2015, the platform received the IAIR Award in 2016.

Note! To find detailed information about regulations and the company contacts (head office address, phone number), visit the Binomo website.

Learn and trade with the best

Binomo is an up-and-coming trading platform where you can get extra income if you follow the tips from Binomists. However, realize the risk of losing your investment. To limit it, learn how Binomo really works using tutorials, practicing on a demo account, and contesting in tournaments. Don’t use trading signals as they may be provided by scammers. To get additional income without risk, sign up for the affiliate program and become a Binomo partner.


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