Top 10 best Men’s Shorts in 2021

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The right pair of workout shorts can not only enhance your gym performance but can also boost your comfort level while you exercise. A good workout short should be breathable, comfortable, and flattering. If you’re looking to purchase new workout shorts this year, here are some of the best men’s shorts you can find on the market today. Let’s get started!

  1. Men’s UA Woven 7 inches Shorts

Are you looking for a short that is lightweight and perfect for warm-ups? These are the best men’s workout shorts to purchase. It is made from 100% Polyester materials and has open hand pockets. It can work for any sport and you can likewise pack it up in a super small bag.

  1. Men’s UA Stride Print Shorts

If you are a runner, these Stride Print Shorts will work for you well. It is a super breathable short allowing it to keep you cool for a long time. Its materials construction wicks up the sweat and it dries very fast. Besides that, this short delivers superior durability and comfort.

  1. Men’s UA 21230 Woven Shorts

Made from 100% Nylon materials, this short will make you feel comfortable whenever you are playing games. It is made using UA Storm technology making it repel water while ensuring that it is breathable. The short has open hand pockets and it is machine washable.

  1. Men’s UA Speedpocket 5 inches Shorts

This is an ultra-light and breathable Short made of Material that wicks sweat. It comes with an expandable waistband pocket that is water-resistant to keep your phone secure. Moreover, there are also built-in back pockets. It has Laser perforations for improved ventilation.

  1. Men’s UA Launch Run 7 inches Shorts

When it comes to gym shorts, this 7 inches Short will work for you perfectly well. It is stretchy and light short and has a liner to keep you dry from the seat. Moreover, it has mesh side panels that ensure added ventilation. This short has an Anti-odor technology that evades the growth of odor-causing microbes.

  1. Men’s UA Train Logo Stretch Shorts

Breathable, soft materials and super comfortable waistband make these Stretch Shorts the best. Its super-stretchy materials construction enables you to have total mobility. It has open hand pockets and a fuller cut for complete comfort.

  1. Men’s UA Speed Print Stride Shorts

Every heavy lifter will tell you the need of having a compression short when practicing at the gym house. These shorts have an internal mesh brief liner that will assist to add breathability and help moisture escape. The short has Anti-odor technology that helps to prevent microbes that cause odor.

  1. Men’s UA Color block HIIT Woven Shorts

Sweat-wicking, stretchy, light, this is the way you can describe this short. It is made from a lightweight stretch woven fabric that dries fast and delivers superior mobility. This short can push you through every mountain climber, burpee, and squat without any bunching or pinching.

  1. Men’s UA Knit Woven Hybrid Shorts

Looking for stretchy and light gym shorts? These are the best Shorts for you. It is made of ultra-soft knit fabric that provides stretch where you need it. Moreover, it has an encased waistband with a pull drawcord for adjustability. Besides that, it has open hand pockets.

  1. Men’s UA Launch SW 7 inches Shorts

When it comes to running and yoga, these Men’s UA shorts are the way to go. It is stretchy and lights short with a liner to keep you dry. Moreover, it is made with Anti-odor technology to prevent odor-causing microbe growth. Besides, it has mesh side panels for more ventilation.



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