Top Hacks To Keeping Your Floors Clean With Children Around

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Having little children or toddlers around can make it very hard to maintain clean floors in your house. The clutter is extraordinary when it comes to kids, from toys, lego pieces, grass clippings, bits of paper, clothing, shoes, crumbs, basically anything and everything can be found right on your floor. On top of already having to take care of your kids, maintaining cleanliness at home can be a nightmare. As easy as it is to give up, you can’t help but want to keep your space clean and hygienic for the family. In this article, we share some tips and tricks that will help you better manage your floor space while enjoying time with your children. Once you have put in place these habits, you will enjoy every second of your clean floors at home. 


Placing House Rules

The first thing you definitely will notice when it comes to little kids is that they are extremely messy eaters. Well, we cannot really blame them or control that. However, what we can control is the area in which the mess occurs. This means putting in place house eating rules where everyone in your house is only allowed to eat in certain areas of your home. Make sure you are strict about this rule, and this would reduce your workload of having to clean up after your family and pick up all the tiny crumbs all over the house. Make sure mealtimes take place at the dining table and if they need to grab a snack, it is also done within the designated eating areas in your home. You can be flexible with it and have some exceptions during movie nights for instance but other than that it is important to communicate with your family about the need to eat within certain areas of the household. This helps contain the mess children can make when they eat. 


Another rule to introduce is to ban the use of shoes within your household. This helps greatly in keeping your floors clean as dirt from the outside will not be brought into the house and will not be spread across all the floors and rooms in your home. If you live in a climate that is cold and your floors tend to go cold, we encourage your children to wear socks or slippers indoors such that they will be less likely to wear their shoes to keep their feet warm. 


Implement Cleaning Regiments And Stick To It

Try to aim to mop your house at least once a week. Having more clutter on your floor as well as food spillage means you will need to mop more often. There is no other way around this. Make it a habit to do quick mops around areas that are susceptible to food spillage such as a quick mop under your baby’s highchair after every meal. Use wet paper towels if you are just trying to reach a tiny spot. However, for larger areas or your weekly mopping routine, get a good mop that can last you for a longer time and can reach areas well.


Aim to also give your floors a thorough scrub at the very least, every six months. While your floor might not visually look dirty, when you get down to scrub them, you will immediately know what I mean. Your floors can get very nasty very quickly, especially with children around. They might not look very dirty but sometimes when you get that sticky feeling even after mopping, it is probably a sign that you should get to scrubbing. Here are some tips on cleaning sticky floors! Get a scrubbing brush together with a cleaning spray, and you will soon realize your floor was supposed to look a few shades lighter than it is actually looking right now. Add a little bit of elbow grease if you are looking for a clean finish and you will be left with a floor that is far from sticky. 


Invest In Good Equipment

With all the new technology available, you will be able to save so much time with the right equipment. A good vacuum cleaner saves you so much time as you do not have to lug a huge machine around and plug it into various power points. Get a vacuum that is not tiring to use and sucks out all the things you do not want on your floor. 


Another piece of equipment you can consider is a robot vacuum cleaner. In the past, these seemed like luxury items but now you can get them for pretty good deals. You might be skeptical about their effectiveness but robot vacuum cleaners are fantastic. Even after using it regularly, it has lasted a very long time and does its job very well. All you need to do is set a timer and change the settings too whenever you want it to clean your household. You can put it on while you are asleep or when you are outside. You will definitely still need a regular vacuum cleaner but having a robot vacuum helps greatly as it reduces the frequency that you need to use a manual vacuum cleaner and this saves you so much more time and effort.


Get Your Family Involved

Most importantly, it is important that you make sure that your children are aware that they are all equally accountable and responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the house. By getting them involved in simple household chores you are also teaching them the importance of responsibility and teamwork and introducing them to the idea of consequences. Encourage your children to clean up after their mess.



These are all tried and tested tips and tricks that can help you attain a much more efficient cleaning process at home. Especially when it comes to living with little kids that can create a huge mess at home. Start small by creating a cleaning routine, plan, or schedule, and make sure you stick to this regimen. Implement rules and expectations for your household. With these, you will be well on your way to a less stressful cleaning experience. 



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