What are the necessary preparations for the elderly to travel

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We grow up and our parents are old! The fathers and mothers of the post-80s are rushing to the middle-aged and elderly…. We are gradually beginning to worry about whether our parents are healthy and whether they will fall when traveling. How can it be safer for the elderly to travel? What are the necessary preparations to make before traveling? These issues must be concerned not only by the elders, but also by the post-80s generations who are children. Let me share with you what preparations the elderly should make to be safer when they act. I hope my little experience can help my grandparents, uncles, uncles, aunts, and aunts to travel. Even if there is only a small amount of help, I will feel very, very happy.

 Carry the Respect for the Elderly Card with you when you travel

The Respect for the Elderly Certificate is commonly known as the Senior Citizen Certificate. It can be applied for by seniors over 60 years old. You can enjoy a certain degree of preferential treatment when you take it on a bus or park. (Generally, there are two types of old-age certificates. The green ones are held by the 60-70-year-olds, and half-price discounts are given for taking the bus. The old-age certificates for the elderly over 70 are red, and the bus can enjoy free treatment.) With the elderly The benefits of traveling with the card are far more than these. The old age card is filled with the personal information of the owner of the card and a copy of his ID card is affixed. Once the old man has an accident outside, others can determine the identity of the old man and find the old man based on the information on the old age card. ’S family members.

Write your family’s phone number on the back of your hand before you travel

In order to prevent sudden illness from being unable to contact family members, elderly people traveling alone can write their family members’ phone numbers on the back of their hands. Once they faint, well-meaning people can easily see the number to contact the elderly’s family members. (Pay attention to this, and be sure to ask your family members to keep the phone open.)

Measure your blood pressure before you travel

Elderly people with sphygmomanometers at home should have their blood pressure measured before going out. If no one is taking it, they can use an electronic sphygmomanometer to test themselves. If the blood pressure is too high or too low, it is not easy to travel. If the blood pressure is high, you can choose a blood pressure medicine before going out. Use Booling.com discount code NHS

It is best not to bring too much money for the elderly with a history of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are very easy to recur, and each recurrence may be aggravated. Therefore, it is best not to bring too much cash when the elderly with relevant medical history go out, in case of sudden illness (like the grandmother in the picture below fainted on the side of the road), the wallet will be removed from the hospital during the process of being sent to the hospital. Fall out from the body, or encounter bad guys who take advantage of the fire and rob the sheep. In order to avoid losses, it is better to bring as little cash as possible.

Bring an umbrella when you travel in summer to prevent the rain from getting wet, and bring a spare piece of clothing when you travel in spring, autumn and winter to prevent sudden temperature drops

Many diseases are prone to relapse after catching a cold, such as cerebral thrombosis, coronary heart disease, etc. It is especially important for the elderly to prevent colds. You can’t catch a cold if you don’t want to catch a cold. Summer is rainy. In order to avoid getting wet and catching a cold, the family must bring an umbrella to the elderly when he travels. Personally, I recommend that you bring a long-handled umbrella. It can not only be used for rain or shine, but also can be used as a walking stick. In autumn, winter, and spring, the weather turns cooler. It is best for the elderly to bring a thicker piece of clothing to prevent sudden cold and cold. Get tui NHS discount code


Elderly people with diabetes are best to bring a few candies when going out

Diabetes is a common disease in the elderly, and many elderly people suffer from diabetes of varying degrees. In the case of excessive insulin use or failure to eat on time after use, diabetic patients may have a low-sugar reaction. Low-sugar is much more dangerous than high-sugar. Therefore, it is best to bring a few candies with diabetic elderly people when they go out (when they go out, sometimes they can’t eat in time). coma.


Older people or those who are not in good health are best to travel together


Without the accompaniment of family members, it is best for the elderly or those with old illnesses to call their elderly friends before traveling and ask them to go out together. It does not matter even if the companions are older. After all, two or more people fell at the same time. The possibility of falling is relatively small. In the unlikely event that one person falls or has a sudden illness, another or several elderly people can call the emergency call in time. It is better for someone to take care of the situation than to face it alone.


It is necessary for the elderly to go out appropriately, which is good for their physical and mental health, but it is best not to be too far away from home, and there is no need to go out as little as possible. After cooking, you can accompany your parents for a walk in the community. If you are not with your parents, you should call home frequently to remind him of what preparations to do before going out. Young children’s shoes should give a helping hand in time when they encounter old people who have fallen. After all, there are still very few people who avenge revenge. We can only make the world full of love if we look at society with a kind heart!

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