What is dry aging? & How Himalayan salt dry-aging room works?

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Pink Himalayan rock salt is a powerful natural ingredient that is enriched with nutrients and minerals. The unique taste, purity, and nutrients present in it are the reasons for its vast application worldwide. Dry aging meat is one of the uses of Himalayan salt. Being regenerating and healing in nature, pink rock salt used to preserve different kinds of food in ancient times.

Ancient people used this ingredient to preserve pickles, meat, and fish. But the phenomenon of using it for dry-aging meat is new. Today, the top restaurants in the world season their recipes with Himalayan salt to create a mouthwatering and tempting taste. They also use it to preserve meat by the process of dry aging.

Let us have a brief explanation of what Himalayan pink salt is? It is a natural salt that comes from the foothills of the Himalayas, Pakistan. The pink rock salt is 100% organic, unrefined, and pure than all other kinds of salt. It contains 84 essential elements and minerals that include iron, potassium, sodium, copper, magnesium, iodine, and calcium. These minerals give Himalayan salt a beautiful peach tint and make it a healthy ingredient.

What is Dry Aging?

It is a process by which large pieces of meat/ beef are aged in a controlled environment for a specific time before cutting them into steaks or smaller pieces. This process not only keeps them fresh but also imparts a tempting flavor and aroma.

Dry aging salt blocks

These are the translucent pink or orange blocks of Himalayan salt that are used in dry-aging meat or beef. They create a unique taste and tenderize the beef. The Himalayan dry-aging salt blocks or bricks are used to construct a salt dry-aging room. You can also put a dry-aging salt block in your fridge to age your meat effectively.

Himalayan salt dry-aging room

It is a chamber or a room that has blocks of Himalayan salt to undergo the dry-aging process. The blocks create a perfect environment for the aging of meat or beef by removing the humidity from the surrounding air. There is no growth of bacteria in the moisture and humidity-free surroundings. This process intensifies the taste of beef by imparting saltiness to it. The beef becomes tender by the breakdown of enzymes that relaxes its muscle fibers.

How Himalayan salt dry-aging room works?

The temperature-controlled, dry Aging room provides perfect dry-aged beef by carrying out the following processes!

Removing moisture

The salt-enriched atmosphere of the Himalayan salt dry-aging room with low humidity level draws out the excess moisture from beef.


The environment of the salt aging room is favorable and enables necessary chemical reactions to take place. The breakdown of enzymes or protein fibers occurs that results in tenderizing the pieces of beef.

Inhibiting the growth of unwanted bacteria

Himalayan salt creates a naturally anti-bacterial environment in the aging chamber. This environment prevents the growth of bacteria, and the beef remains fresh for long with no spoilage.

The ionization feature of the Himalayan salt results in the creation of an atmosphere with balanced ions. Also, there is no stinky smell inside the chamber; the environment is pleasant and fresh.

Butchers in the UK use Himalayan salt walls or dry-aging rooms to age the beef for a long time. With an incredible taste and a unique flavor, hotels and restaurants are also famous for serving steaks of Himalayan salt-aged beef in the UK.

How do you dry-age beef with Himalayan Salt?

In a Himalayan salt dry-aging room, the process of dry-aging beef occurs by hanging its pieces in the chamber for 7 to up to 60 days. The longer you keep beef in the aging room, the more it is tender and flavorsome. However, the period you should age the meat also depends on your preferred taste and the cuts you are using.

Being an authentic Himalayan Salt Distributor, 786 Enterprises supply Himalayan dry-aging salt blocks to carry out the dry-aging process of meat and beef.

Perfect dry-aging of beef or meat needs the necessary equipment, time, and environment. However, it does not necessarily need Himalayan salt dry-aging rooms. You can easily do it at your home with few things to enjoy the heavenly taste of homemade steaks. Dry age the beef steaks or cuts with Himalayan dry-aging salt blocks at home by following a simple procedure

Things you need!

  • Beef stakes
  • Pure Himalayan salt block
  • A compact stainless fridge having big racks (optional)
  • Cooling rack of Stainless steel
  • A circulating Fan

Clean the beef piece or steak first. Then put it on the Himalayan salt block. Ideally, you should keep the salt block in the cooling rack before placing it in the fridge. The purpose of the tray is to collect drippings. However, you can also put the block directly on your fridge rack.

Remember! If you are using your kitchen fridge for the aging process, do not forget to remove all other food items from it. That is because beef may not absorb the smell of other food items.

After placing the salt block in the fridge, start the circulating fan with its setting on low.

The aging process is now started.

Generally, it takes at least 30 days before you can have some added dry-aged flavor in the steak. So wait for four weeks if you want to have little tenderness with a bit of flavor. A period of six weeks is ideal for the enriched dry-aged taste of steak. Wait for eight (or more) weeks if you want to have a burst of flavor and aroma in your steaks.


It is ok to check the beef from time to time. But keep in mind that opening the fridge frequently can affect the aging process. It can also result in the absorption of odors from the external environment by the beef.

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