What is HughesNet Gen5?

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If you are living in a remote area, HughesNet satellite internet is probably your best option. That is because it is available in cities and rural areas alike. At the moment, it serves all the states in the US from Maine to Alaska, making it the top satellite internet choice in the US.

The biggest reason behind HughesNet’s success is the efforts towards improving the internet infrastructure and technological advancement. That enables it to keep up with the increasing demand for internet service and offer a stable connection to its customers. The latest technology being used in this regard is HughesNet Gen5.

In this article, we will have a look at what HughesNet Gen5 is and what it has to offer. So, without further ado, let’s get to it.

HughesNet Gen5

HughesNet Gen5 relies on the advanced Echo Star XIX satellite to deliver internet services to its customers. Due to that, the speeds are faster than ever and customers are able to enjoy more data with connection stability.

Because of this high-powered satellite, Gen5 offers a download speed of up to 25 Mbps – even at the remotest locations. That enables customers to work remotely, watch videos, make video calls, listen to music, and connect their kids to distance learning.

As a result, the customers are more connected than ever and can enjoy the freedom of doing whatever they want.
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HughesNet Gen 5 benefits

HughesNet Gen5 is not limited to offering a faster speed for its users; several other benefits will come with it. These benefits include:

  • Bonus Zone

One of the biggest advantages of HughesNet Gen5 technology is the bonus zone. HughesNet bonus zone is the time between 2 am to 8 am every day for which HughesNet offers 50 GB of additional high-speed data.

The data offered during the bonus zone is absolutely free and customers don’t have to sign up for the premium plan to use it. So, whether you choose to go for the most basic HughesNet plan or opt for the plan with the most data, you will have access to the bonus zone data without any issues.

In addition, there are no other special requirements, so you don’t need to call around or put in the effort to access it. Any details about the remaining bonus zone data would also be available in HughesNet mobile app.

  • More Data Allowance with Plans

With technologies such as HughesNet gen4, customers had access to limited monthly data. The Gen5 technology has not just moved this up a notch but also offers soft data limits with unlimited data.

Now, customers can choose among four plans that offer data ranging from 10 GB to 50 GB. In case they use all the allocated data as per their plan, HughesNet doesn’t stop the internet service, nor does it cost them extra.

Moreover, if they ever need to get back to the full speed of up to 25 Mbps, they have the option to purchase data tokens as per their need and add more data to their account.

  • Data Saving

Another amazing thing that HughesNet Gen5 is equipped with is smart data compression to save customer’s data. It compresses the web content and allows users to enjoy the same results by consuming less data than before.

Similarly, there is the video data saver feature as well. With that, if you are streaming an online show, HughesNet will automatically adjust the video quality and use compression to consume the minimum amount of data. That allows users to use enjoy more of everything whether it is browsing the web or streaming content.

HughesNet Gen5 Plans & Monthly Cost

As for cost, HughesNet gen5 offers four different data plans for its customers with a download speed of up to 25 Mbps. These plans are as follow;

  • HughesNet 10 GB

HughesNet 10 GB is the basic internet plan that offers 10 gigabytes of data per month with a download speed of up to 25 Mbps. Due to that, this plan is suitable for those users who only need internet services for connectivity and paying bills.

Since it is also the most economical plan with HughesNet, the pricing starts from $59.99 per month. Meanwhile, eligible customers can also get a discount of $10 per month when they are signing up for the first time.

  • HughesNet 20 GB

For HughesNet Gen5 customers, the second internet option is the 20 GB plan. As the name suggests, this plan offers 20 gigabytes of high-speed data while there are no hard data limits. Therefore, the plan makes the most sense for those who need to connect multiple devices but don’t need much data.

This plan costs $69.99 per month while the price is good for the next two years from the time of signing up.

  • HughesNet 30 GB

HughesNet 30 GB is the third plan in line that costs $99.99 per month while offers 30 gigabytes of high-speed data. That makes it suitable for those who are working from home and need more data than 20 gigabytes.

With this plan, you can also enjoy occasional movie nights and make video calls on a regular basis.

  • HughesNet 50 GB

If you think none of the above plans can suffice your internet needs, the final option with HughesNet is the 50 GB plan. With this plan, you will get 50 gigabytes of high-speed data with no hard limits. Meanwhile, this is also the most expensive plan as it costs $149.99 per month.

Summing Up

Since HughesNet offers the same download speed for all of its plans, the monthly cost depends upon the data plan that the customer goes for.

You can choose any plan of your choice by keeping your needs in the mind. If you are a basic user and need internet for connectivity and bill payments, the first two plans would be sufficient. However, if you want to stream movies and work from home, you might have to consider the last two options.

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