Which motorcycle intercom to buy? Check Out Tips & Reviews

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Are you a centaur or a motor enthusiast eager to try your hand at riding this means of transport, which offers exciting sensations of freedom and independence? Or, more simply, do you use the bike for your daily trips around the city, between work and family commitments?

In any case, whether you are a lover of road trips or use this practical vehicle on busy streets of the city, this article is for you.

The motorcycle helmet intercom system is a tool that is well suited to meet the numerous needs of modernity. As a matter of fact, it allows the motorcyclist to always remain connected to his smartphone, without risking losing important business calls and allowing him to make calls while riding safely, keeping the eyes on the road and not getting distracted.

In today’s hectic world, this is not the only advantage offered by this device. In fact, motorcycle intercom allows you to connect your GPS navigator and listen to the directions reproduced directly inside your helmet, via earphones.

In addition to all this, it provides an option to choose the perfect soundtrack for your trip, being able to listen to music from your MP3.

And finally, the motorcycle helmet intercom systems guarantee the ability to communicate with your passenger, or with other riders on board your vehicle, without distracting the rider and exposing him to any danger.

After having examined all the potential of this prodigious tool, let’s find out how to choose the motorcycle intercom system that best suits your needs. In addition, we will not fail to list the reviews of the centaurs who have already tested these devices, discovering what their advantages are and if they have any defects in the end of this article.

How to choose a motorcycle helmet intercom system?

Now, let’s discuss the main aspects that should be considered while choosing an intercom system.

Types of motorcycle helmet intercom systems: You can find different types of this device on the market. The older models are the acoustic ones, which work by means of the connection, through a special cable, between motorbike, control unit and earphones. The advantage of these motorcycle helmet intercoms is that they do not have an external power system, so they offer maximum durability. However, they reduce the freedom of movement of the rider.

The cable intercom, unlike the previous product, allows you to communicate with the passenger, but makes the ascent and descent movements rather uncomfortable, due to the presence of the connection wire on which the operation of the device depends.

Finally, the intercom for motorcycle helmets equipped with a Bluetooth connection is not equipped with cables and guarantees ample freedom of movement. On the other hand, its duration is limited by the presence of an external lithium battery.

Lifestyle: While choosing the best model of intercom for motorcycle helmets, first of all you should have to consider the way you are going to use this device. If you want to use a product that helps you manage your daily tasks, allowing you to connect to your smartphone, make calls, but also interact with passengers and other riders, the latest generation of Bluetooth devices are for you.

In case you want to use a spartan tool to communicate with the passenger during your trips, you can use an older and cheaper model.

Compatibility of motorcycle helmet intercom systems: Before proceeding with the purchase, check that the chosen motorcycle intercom is compatible with your motorcycle helmet to which it will be connected in order to function correctly. To be on the safe side, you can opt for a universal product, which is suitable for any type of protective helmet.

How much do motorcycle helmet intercom systems generally cost?

A question that interests anyone who is intended to purchase one of these devices.

The cost of the intercom per motorcycle is variable and can be included within a very wide price range, which varies between 20 and over 500 euros. The huge difference in terms of figures depends on the specific model and the features and functions offered. Generally, good quality products fall into the medium-high and high price range. Therefore, their cost starts from a minimum of 50 euros.

Specifically, if you are looking for a top-of-the-range and accessorized intercom for motorcycles, you will have to be willing to buy it for a sum of not less than 70 euros. Despite the higher cost compared to other models, this product will guarantee excellent value for money thanks to a lot of different extra features provided and its durability as well, which makes it an ideal investment.

Opinions of motorcycle helmet intercom system buyers

What do those who have already bought and tried these devices think of intercoms for motorcycle helmets?

Let’s find out through the reviews of the centaurs who have already used these products.

High quality of the audio: The best devices have been positively evaluated for the excellent quality of the reproduced sound. In fact, even at high speed and with strong gusts of wind, these instruments allow good listening, reproducing the audio in a clear and limpid way. In addition, the top-of-the-range intercoms are equipped with automatic volume adjustment, which increases or decreases in tone depending on the ambient noise.

In this way, you will not need to adjust it yourself. This will allow you to maintain a better and constant attention to the motorcycle riding process, without distracting yourself.

Ease of use of the motorcycle helmet intercom system: Do not forget that motorcycle helmet intercoms are devices used when you are riding your own means of transport. For this reason, they must offer intuitive, simple as well as immediate use.

To do this, they can provide the centaur with large keys through which to issue commands to the device. On the other hand, among the top-of-the-range instruments, there are products with voice or remote control, which can be connected to the handlebar of your motorcycle.

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