How to Redo Your Wardrobe This Year

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It’s time to flaunt what we’ve got after a couple of years of wearing masks and staying mostly indoors. It’s the year to show off that we still got it, which is why it’s the perfect time to redo your wardrobe. Here are some tips to help you update your closet:


Try something new

We can tend to get in a rut with our outfits, and it can be challenging to wear something new. From our women panties to the types of dresses we wear, once you commit to a specific personal style, it can feel out of your comfort zone to change it up.

However, you’ll be amazed at what a minor update can do for your confidence, so whether this looks like changing your underwear from briefs to thongs or wearing crop tops instead of oversized t-shirts, trying something new can look great on you.

Pick your favorite trends

There are a lot of trends out there, and certainly, some of them have us saying, “what?” But you may find that there are some trends that, while edgy, may actually be something you really feel yourself in.

Don’t be afraid to try a trend that you love, even if you think you’re too old, too young, or too this or that. You may look incredible with it! Whether you love a retro outfit paired with a shaggy haircut or you prefer summer dresses with floral print, find what works for you and rock it!

Hire a personal stylist

If you’re looking to redo your wardrobe this year while organizing your home but aren’t quite sure what looks you want to go with, you could always work with a personal stylist. Whether you find a personal stylist in your city or work with one online who can help guide you in the outfits and looks that would be perfect for your preferences, it could upgrade your style and make you feel amazing. You don’t even have to commit to doing this long-term; instead, you could hire a stylist once to get reinspired to redo your wardrobe.

Donate old belongings to a charity

As you update your wardrobe, you may find some old clothes and shoes that you will no longer wear. Instead of rushing to a consignment store to sell them or trade them in for more clothes at your local thrift store, consider donating lightly used items to a charity. From women’s shelters to organizations that help displaced people or the homeless, your clothes could go far in helping someone else feel like a person again.

Shop sustainably

As you seek to redo your wardrobe, don’t forget about our planet. Practicing sustainability in your shopping is important. Shopping for items designed for longevity and made from environmentally friendly materials plus looking into the brands’ sustainability measures you’re buying from are two things you can do to shop sustainably.

Some great clothing brands operate with sustainable practices, so be mindful of where you stop and think twice about supporting the brand where you are shopping. While you may need to spend more on sustainably made clothing, it’s worth it, as you’ll support the greater good and help our planet. You’ll find that many sustainable brands are designing some durable yet stylish pieces, so your style and your wardrobe will get a significant update when you buy from them.

Redo Your Wardrobe

In Conclusion

Redoing your wardrobe can be the perfect way to get back to feeling comfortable in your skin. Shopping for cute trends that you love and wearing fun outfits is a great way to express yourself.


Whether you simply want to upgrade your panty drawer or you’re donating old items and redoing your closet in its entirety, don’t forget to have fun with your clothes while also remembering your impact on the planet. Shop sustainably and shop for clothes designed to last!





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