8 Surfing Tips That Newbies Should Know

Surfing tips for beginners

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If surfing is something that you always wanted to try, you should know that it is not easy. It takes months and even years to perfect surfing skills. However, surfing is extremely fun and exciting as it allows you to take command and ride the power of the wave. 

Surfing is a very popular beach activity that gives you a great workout and at the same time allows you to relax. Just like any other sport, you need to first do your research and gain knowledge about the sport. Learning to surf can be a challenge as it is intimidating but once you get the hang of it, it is all that you will do whenever you visit the beach. 

As a beginner, you need to know certain aspects of surfing that will ensure you have a good surfing experience. In this article, we explore some essential tips that every beginner surfer should know:

Don’t Learn by Yourself 

Surfing may seem like a relatively easy sport but it is quite complex. If you are learning to surf by yourself it can be difficult and even increase the risk of injury. Remember the ocean is a dangerous place and if you don’t know the way and technique to navigate through. You might put yourself in unnecessary danger. 

Find a Coach

So now that you are aware of the dangers of surfing, you can shift your focus to finding the right teacher. When you find a coach who is experienced and has years of knowledge, they will help you understand the water better. A good teacher will teach you how to surf with the right technique and skills.  One exciting way to learn surfing is by surf skating, as it allows you to practice similar body movement but in a controlled environment outside of the water. If you are interested, use this guide on how to select a surf skateboard for training.

The Right Location 

Choosing the right location is essential for every beginner surfer. When you are learning to surf, you need to find areas that have fewer people around. There are different kinds of waves that are suitable for different kinds of surfers. So make sure that you find the spot for your surfing for small, rolling, and calm waves even though you may feel that you need a higher level of waves. Wait for your right time and upgrade to a bigger wave to surf. 

Get a Surfboard 

The most obvious thing that you need to surf is a surfboard. But choosing the wrong surfboard can ruin your whole experience as you will struggle on the water. If you are a beginner a large board is recommended as it allows you to learn how to balance better on your board. Even though shortboards are trending, first master the basic skills on your soft board, and as you grow move on to different boards. 


Now that you have geared up and ready to surf, spend some time on land before you head into the water. When you are on land make sure that you take a moment to warm up and stretch. At the same time, keep an eye out on the waves and understand the right way to navigate through them. This habit will remain with you forever so make sure that you train yourself to warm up before every surf.  

Learn Your Waves 

When you are learning to surf, your instructor will teach you how to read waves to determine when you should enter the water. Even though you have learned everything you need to know about riding a wave it is important that you start small wave breaks and gradually move up to the bigger waves. Trying to surf on a wave that is not in your ability or capacity do you more harm than any good.  


There are certain surfing essentials that you have to wear or carry when heading to the beach. Whether a pro or beginner, these surfing gears will keep you safe and protect your body from injuries. Make sure that you have a wetsuit that fits well, a good wax for your board, and always remember to leash up before you surf. If you are an athlete and looking for some sustainable beachwear? See this here. 

Surfing Etiquette

The last and final point on this list that is essential for all beginners is to familiarize themselves with surfing etiquettes. These are unwritten guidelines that will protect you from the bitter side of surfers so it is best to remember them when surfing. 

Have Fun!

Now that you are aware of these essential surfing tips, you can have a great surfing experience without any hassle. If you are living in the UK and searching for some beautiful waves. Use this guide to explore the best beaches on your surfing holidays in the UK


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