Top Tips to Remember When Hiring a Venue for an Event in 2022

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We are fast running out of time if we’d like to set an event for this summer, but if you would like to schedule an event for this autumn or even winter, you’ve got a lot of options in-store. The thing is, many people are planning events these days due to the end of the pandemic (and we are hopeful that it will not be as bad as before, even if there are cases now and again). But since plenty of groups are planning a party or gathering, event venues are fully booked! So our first advice is to secure that venue as early as possible, so you don’t run out of options. But there are more than a few strategies and tips to remember when hiring a venue for any kind of event in 2022, so here are a few.


The general rule

There is a general rule to follow: you have to be aware that every venue you look at and consider will be unique, and every one of those venues will have its own set of rules and regulations. So it’s up to you to familiarise yourself with them and get to know them before your event. And here’s another thing to keep in mind – the most expensive item after the venue will often be food and beverage, but after that, your audio-visual needs will often be the costliest part of an event – so it’s best to be aware of this from the beginning!


  • Check for local venues

Before you check for venues in the big city, you might want to start with somewhere local. There are plenty of homegrown venues, and you must know where to look. Doing this will help you save on costs, and it’s a great way to benefit the environment. Choose the best local venue that is easily accessible – it will be cheaper, and you can spend your additional budget on the entertainment. For example, we know some individuals who have hired parks and sports fields to set up a fairground. Fairground companies like have provided them with all they need to set up the ideal fairground, complete with roller coasters, Ferris wheels, dodgem cars, and inflatables.


  • Do not assume – confirm!

As with any venue hire, some things and elements are not included – but to be sure, don’t be afraid to ask what is included and what isn’t. For instance, many people rightfully assume that AV is included – but whilst things like a standard sound system and mics may be included, it may not take care of more advanced sound systems necessary for shows and performances – so don’t hesitate to ask! Other incidentals, such as third-party suppliers and vendors, may not be included. Again, it’s always best to be sure so you will not have to face any nasty surprises later on.


  • Always ask about the lighting

One more thing that most venues do not have is adequate lighting. Lighting is essential if you are to have speakers and presentations as well as concerts, so again, ask the venue what kind of lights they have in place and whether or not they have other lighting modes for different activities. If not, you may want to hire additional lighting professionals.


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