12 tips to help you for caring quartz countertops

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Quartz is often known to be a maintenance-free stone. While you don’t have to seal or polish your quartz countertops, you will still need to clean them and avoid certain chemicals to keep them in good condition.

The best and easiest way to clean quartz is to use a soft cloth with dish soap and water. This should remove dust, food debris, or spills. It is important to note that spills should be cleaned up immediately after they occur, as juice or coffee stains can settle if allowed to sit.

For stubborn stains or sticky residue on your quartz, goo gone is a safe option. Simply cover the stain, let it soak for 5-10 minutes, and pat dry. It is always best to check with the quartz manufacturer before using any cleaner on the surface.

What is certain about quartz is that it has become a favorite material for kitchen countertops, and one of the reasons behind this trend is a perceived maintenance benefit. Caring for quartz is fairly straightforward and boils down to the following tips.

  1. Clean them daily
  2. Keep hot objects away
  3. Use a cutting board
  4. Do not seal quartz
  5. Use the right cleaning solution
  6. Keep cleaning products away from the oven
  7. Be careful in the bathroom
  8. Cooking fat
  9. Permanent markers
  10. Solvents and chemicals
  11. Heat
  12. Resistant materials

1. Clean them daily:

Daily countertop cleaning not only removes dirt and dust but also kills germs that could contaminate your food. The great thing is that countertops are easy to clean. Just use soap, water, and a soft cloth. You can also use a mild detergent, but be careful that the detergent is not too harsh on the surfaces; so they end up causing damage.

2. Keep hot objects away:

Countertops rarely crack in high temperatures, but when you regularly expose them to hot objects, you put them at risk of losing their color. To avoid this, you must keep hot pots, pans, and baking sheets away from surfaces.

If you must place hot items on surfaces, use a mat, trivet, or cushion.

3. Use a cutting board:

Although quartz is very scratch resistant, it is not. So, to keep counters free from unnecessary scratches and avoid dulling knives, you should use a cutting board when cutting meat, onions, tomatoes, or any other material.

4. Do not seal quartz:

If you’ve gotten used to the frequent application of sealer to marble or granite countertops, you’ll be happy to know that quartz care is different from natural stone care because quartz does not require resealing. Once the quartz slab is produced, the resins, binders, and pigments will form a non-porous surface that will seal virtually for the life of the countertop.

5. Use the right cleaning solution:

Much like gemstone, quartz movement doesn’t respond well to household cleaners, especially individuals having a high power of bleach or ammonia The problem with these common cleaners is that their high ph. will reduce the melt factor of quartz. The best recommendation is to use a cleaning solution specially formulated for this purpose. You can then frequently clean your kitchen and bathroom counters knowing your quartz surface will be safe.

6. Keep cleaning products away from the oven:

All oven cleaning products pose a great risk of damaging quartz countertops, and some of the more popular brands can be the most dangerous in this regard. If oven cleaner accidentally spills onto the quartz surface, immediately dampen it with paper towels or dry cloth before cleaning with quartz cleaner.

7. Be careful in the bathroom:

Although quartz plates are made to resist stains, they are not completely impermeable to nail polish remover, hair dyes, oil-based soaps, some body lotions, and lipsticks. Much like oven cleaner in the kitchen, spills on bathroom counters should be absorbed immediately and this should be followed by an application of quartz or cleaner.

8. Cooking fat:

If the countertop comes in contact with cooking grease, use a degreaser such as greased lightning to clean the surface.

9. Permanent markers:

If ink comes in contact with the quartz surface, follow the routine maintenance steps mentioned above. If that doesn’t work, use or a similar cleaner on a dry cloth and rub it over the stain. Rinse the surface with lukewarm water.

10. Solvents and chemicals:

Make sure to keep strong solvents and chemicals away from your quartz countertops. This includes paint strippers, furniture strippers containing methylene chloride, nail polish removers, bluish and oil-based soaps.

11. Heat:

In addition to their strength and durability quartz countertops also offer another benefit that makes them so popular. They offer a better quality of heat than granite and marble. This means that you can cut the food into smaller sizes making it easier to cook or bake. If you like to cook or bake then this is a big plus especially if you have a large family. It is also better because it will save you money because you will not have to constantly replace the baking pans or pots on a regular basis.

While quartz surfaces are heat resistant, they are not invincible. Always use warm trivets or rugs when removing hot foods from the oven and need to put them down. Avoid items that generate heat such as grills, frying pans, pots, roasting ovens, and heat lamps.

12. Resistant materials:

Some more resistant substances harden as they dry, such as gum, certain foods, grease, nail polish, and varnish. You can gently scrape these tougher materials with a plastic putty knife.

Why do people like quartz countertops?

The benefits of quartz and Caesar stone come from how the two materials look and what they can do. Caesar stone comes in many different colors and designs and is considered to be the birthstone for all couples in the Mediterranean region. This material is usually a combination of quartz and limestone’s. The main benefits of quartz countertops are that they are durable, look great, and are easy to clean. The main disadvantage is that they cost a bit more than Caesar stone.


There are many reasons why you can use quartz countertops. They are durable, they last a long time, they are easy to maintain, among other things. No homeowner wants ugly countertops, so when you set them up you need to take care of them to maintain their appeal by cleaning them daily, keeping hot objects away and by using the right cleaning solutions.

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