How to replace a Window like Professionals?

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The windows are an important part of home and their history goes centuries back. The core objective of the window is to provide ventilation and necessary daylight, but the modern needs are slightly different. Including the above two now the windows are also used for decoration and for enjoying the outside view. That’s why they have to be maintained properly and should be replaced when you think the window isn’t meeting your requirements. Numerous options of windows are available in the market and summer is just perfect to start any kind of maintenance work.

The Simonton windows in Houston TX are quite popular, you can learn the basics below to replace any window.

Analyze the current and new window

It is important to first take a moment to analyze the situation you are in rather than jumping right into it. The windows have different sizes and different installation requirements that’s why you must compare the specs of your current window with the replacement window. The time to replace a damaged glass only has long gone, these days the whole sash of the Simonton window is replaced rather than replacing the glass. You can also hire someone for home window replacement in Houston TX if the process is difficult for you. If you are into DIY, then you must look at the changes you have to do in order to install the new window because a new unit can be slightly different.

Selection of tools and materials

Every window installation or replacement requires a certain type of toolkit because every window can be a bit different than the other. That’s why you must learn a few things from the professionals before starting. The most common tools are the level, crowbar, hammer, and screw gun. While you are preparing your toolkit make sure you purchase the necessary material needed for the task as well. Don’t forget to ask for a Simonton window warranty in Houston TX when buying the window.

You would need:

  • Window
  • Window wrap
  • Galvanized screws
  • Foam insulation
  • Felt paper
  • Shims
  • Nails

A few things change from window to window, therefore you must look for the list of materials that you would need for your type of window.

Remove the window and frame adjustment

If you want to replace only the window-pane, then a local glazing contractor can be hired to replace the pane. Whereas, if you practically want to replace the whole window then you’d have to adjust the frame for the new installation. You can simply use the crowbar to remove the window case along with the trim and sill plate. Be careful while removing the window because any damage to the frame isn’t good. Make sure that headers and studs are plum and square after the removal of the window casing. The size of the new window must match the window opening and remember to leave some spacing around the borders for adjustment and insulation.

Install and wrap the new window

Now prepare the window for installation by removing a section of the window that you have to adjust at the end. Don’t forget the window wrap because it is mandatory to seal it and keep the moisture out. You must start wrapping from the bottom of the window and then all the way up. Now install the window from the outside by pushing towards the inside and once in place plumb the window. When you are satisfied with the positioning it’s time to fix it with nails and screws. Afterward, remember to double wrap it and avoid any wrinkle on the surface.

Insulate the window

When you are done fixing the window, now you must insulate it by using expanding foam between the casing and the window. Cover the edges of the window with the common tape to avoid damaging the surface. Once in place let it dry for some time, then the excess foam must be scratched with the help of a knife so it doesn’t block the opening and closing movement of the window. If you are unsure how to do it, then find an online video guide on how to do it.

Replace trim and casing

When you are done with sealing the window now install the new interior casing on the window and if necessary install the trim on the outside. If the window comes in covers, then avoid uncovering it until it is installed, it will protect the surface from damages during installation.

Consider hiring an expert

A window looks elegant only if it is installed correctly and when you feel necessary or stuck at some point an expert can be hired to help you out. The experts have experience and know precisely how to do it quickly. Whether you hire a professional or not, having a reliable contact would put your mind at ease.

The installation of a window can be easy or complex given the type of window you have. A simple window can be replaced or fixed easily. However, things can become challenging if you want to change the type of window. The biggest reason for that is the dimensions of the window and the space left for the window installation.

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