3 Tips to Get a Perfect Score in Your Assignments

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In this online learning setup, assignments are submitted through online submission portals like Google Classroom and Canva. When submitting assignments, students usually feel a lot worried about whether their assignments were good enough for them to get a perfect score. After all, they have worked hard for that paper in a matter of days or weeks. 

To get a perfect score, you need to make sure that your work has satisfied all the criteria that were given by your teacher ahead of time. You also have to make sure that your paper is the product of all your intelligence, time, and effort and not something that you merely take for granted. If you know that you made your paper with these qualities but are still unsure of the likelihood of getting a perfect score, continue reading because we will give you some tips on perfecting your assignments!

Submit your assignments in PDF format

Believe it or not, teachers would love to read your paper if it is in PDF format. Even though submitting your assignment in PDF does not guarantee a higher score or a perfect score, it is still a plus point to let your teacher feel impressed with how you presented your work. PDF will surely impress your teacher when you have submitted your assignment because it has a layout-preserving quality that will not mess up. Hence, your teacher will have a good and easy time browsing your work. 

So aside from making an assignment with full effort, time, and intelligence, be sure to convert your Word to PDF format before handing it in in the submission portals. After all, you need to consider and keep in mind that your teacher’s mood while reading your assignment will somehow affect your grade. Make sure to keep your work clean, properly layout, and intact with the use of PDF.

Pass your assignment before the deadline

Your punctuality will make you exceed in any place. Above all efforts and time that you have given in creating that assignment, your punctuality is still one of the identifiers whether you will get a perfect score or not. Most of the teachers gave deduction points if you submitted your assignment late. Even if its quality is just beyond the standard and you give all of your time and effort to your paper, once you have submitted it late, there will only be a small chance that you will still get a perfect score. 

No matter how kind your professor is, do not be abusive, and make sure to pass your assignments on time. It will save you from any other problems in submitting your work like a submission portal being closed or being tagged as a late submission. Aside from that, you will also get a higher likelihood of getting a perfect score as long as your work also has high-quality content. 

Do not plagiarize

Well, let us say that you have submitted high-quality work but your teacher suddenly saw one of your passages was taken into the internet. Believe it or not, you will get a very low score. Keep in mind that plagiarism may or may not be intentional. You can still get ideas from sources on the internet but make sure to cite your sources in your references page and in-text citations. Or else, be ready to face the consequences. 

You will be lucky if your professor will just give you a deduction from your score but others have to face disciplinary actions which you will not like. The next time that you will submit your assignments, do also check if you have cited your sources properly because some professors include referencing as their basis of grading. If you cited all your sources properly, you will also have a higher chance of getting a perfect score.

In a Nutshell

In submitting your assignments, the effort and quality of your work are not the only basis for whether you will get a perfect score or not. Aside from these things, you also have to submit your assignments in PDF format so that they will look presentable from the point of view of your professor. You need to pass your assignments before the set deadline to avoid unwanted deductions for being late. And lastly, make sure to cite all your sources on the references page of your work. 

These three tips might be simple, but they can also be a factor in whether your assignment will receive a perfect score or not. The next time that you will submit your assignment, it is also a good idea to create a checklist that includes the three tips that we have given to you. If these suggestions satisfy you, then you are good to go!

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