5 Smartwatches for Men to Revamp Your Gym Wear

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It took a global pandemic for humans to realize the importance of a healthy body. Men, in general, have never been more compelled to adopt a fitness regime. A significant part of 2020 was spent under nationwide lockdown. But, while the gyms remained shut during the lockdowns, the eCommerce platforms were not. Thanks to eCommerce shopping, men could get functional gym wear to work out within their indoor spaces or run and walk in their vicinity. With the inner athlete unleashed, the need to revamp the gym wear was felt. And given the level of dedication to fitness, there couldn’t have been a better time to upgrade the workout wardrobe.

As per the general understanding, a workout wardrobe includes a gym vest, comfortable gym shoes, a stylish gym bag, a towel, water bottle, training socks, and more. But very few of us would pay attention to a smartwatch for men.


A smartwatch for men doubles up as a health and fitness tracker that provides real-time statistics and valuable information to help them achieve their fitness goals. By tracking the number of steps, distance traveled, or heart rate during a workout, running, or walking, they can take stock of how much more they need to do to reach their goal. What more can men need to get that extra push to shed that extra kilo? But given the plethora of market choices, how to choose a smartwatch for men? Here is a list of smartwatches to choose from:


Reflex 3.0 Dual Toned Smart Band

Spruce up your collection of watches with a smartwatch for men. This Reflex 3.0 Dual Toned Smartwatch in Midnight Black & Blue Accent has a unique appeal of its own. With a strap made up of Silicone, it offers IP68 Water Resistance and a Warranty extending up to 12 months from the date of purchase. This unisex Fastrack smartwatch has a chrome finish buckle, and the dual-color makes it a sporty choice.


Connected X – Hybrid Smart Watch


Sync up your phone with the new Titan Connected X. Transform your ensemble with a touch of a button. Monitor your heart rate, track your physical activity and ensure that you don’t miss texts, calls, and reminders. And more importantly, keep track of your sleep. What’s more? Even a dead battery ensures that you can see the time with the analog hands for more than 30 days.


Reflex Beat Smart Band


The Reflex Beat has an SMS and a WhatsApp display to keep you posted. It has a Phone Finder so that you can locate your phone wherever it is; a Sedentary Reminder to prevent you from being sedentary; a Heart Rate Monitor to monitor your BPM; a Steps, Distance, and Calorie counter to keep track of your workouts; a Camera Control to help to upgrade your selfies; and more.


Reflex 3.0 Dual Toned Smart Watch

This Fastrack Reflex 3.0 Smartwatch has 10+ Sports Modes. Its features include IP68 Water Resistance, Full Touch Colour Display, HRM, 10-days Battery Life, Stylish Watch Faces, and more. This unisex smartwatch for men has a rounded rectangle case shape with a silicone strap material and an extended 12-month warranty. With a Chrome finish buckle as a lock mechanism, this smartwatch is a stylish gadget to own for men.


TraQ Cardio

The TraQ Cardio by Titan has a 290 mAH battery to last a week on a standard model; an Onboard GPS to find your accurate location; Multi-Sport Modes such as running, cycling, and walking; 5 different types of Heart Rate Zones to track your exercise intensity; along with several other functions.


Spoilt for choices?

With the high pace change in technology, men must groom themselves with more modern and visually aesthetic smartwatches beyond their obvious functionality. If you are confused between too many options, try visiting trusted brands such as Titan, Fastrack, and Raga, for it is time to become smart!


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