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Brand Loyalty is always recognized and treated as one of the most integral parts of the business world. In fact, when considering brand equity, brand loyalty forms one of the key constructs in understanding most concepts related to brand equity. (Veloso, Christodoulides, & de Ceratonia, 2013). According to Kotler and Keller (2006) the market share of a brand increasing, and the brand’s profitability also increases if the total percentage of loyal customers goes up. Therefore, we can define Brand Loyalty as the outcome of consumer behavior and the level of influence that an individual likes a particular something. In other words, brand loyalty is when a consumer will choose to stick with a brand and buy their products regardless of the pricing of the product.

Consumer Purchasing Intention

The consumer will repeat their purchases from the same brand and will not even consider replacing the brand or searching for a substitute for the brand, since it has now become in their minds that the brand that they prefer is not only better than other brands but also superior in a lot of ways. These customers in turn help in growing the number of customers through the help of word of mouth. When these customers exhibit a strong sense of brand loyalty to the brand, they may go on and tell about the brand to others in a positive way, thereby leading the path for more potential customers. Brand loyalty also helps in eradicating the price sensitivity in a customer as they retain positive feelings for the brand possess an utmost dedication to the point of making repeated purchases with the brand.

Level Of Customer Loyalty

Saili et al. (2012) made it evident that the loyalty of a customer can be divided into or consists of two kinds of components: attitudinal and behavioral components. Attitudinal loyalty is when a customer is very much willing to purchase from the same brand even if the brand has increased the price (Liu, Li, Mizerski, & Soh, 2012). Such a consumer would try to overcome any kind of obstacles that stand in the way of them and the product or service of the brand. Behavioral loyalty can be defined as the act of repeating purchasing with the same brand on a consistent basis. If we consider the example of Apple iPhone users or iOS users, we can understand that these users demonstrate behavioral loyalty when they choose Apple iPhones even if other alternatives are available in the market.

Understanding With Help Of Illustration

In the same example, we can see a clear display of attitudinal loyalty as those same users will not settle with any alternative brand regardless of the circumstances. Florentino & Hattieville made use of behavioral learning theories to analyze how brand loyalty can be affected by price incentives (Florentino & Hattieville, 2010). As per the journal, it is stated that if the price incentives of a brand attract the consumer more than other benefits that the brand provides, then this may affect the overall brand loyalty of a consumer. This is because the consumers will instead look for the pricing incentives rather than the other positive aspects of the brand. Accordingly, brand loyalty of a consumer may increase if the brand manages to stand out by providing many more incentives other than pricing incentives.

Brand Competition

According to Li and Green (2011), in case of fierce and strong competition from other brands, brand loyalty or loyalty specific to a particular brand is substantial for ensuring the continued success of organizations. In fact, loyalty to a specific brand creates a number of practical advantages by increasing word of mouth marketing for the brand, thus reducing the marketing cost that would have to be spent on other marketing means (Keller, 1993).  As per Fournier (1998), we can understand that loyalty towards a specific brand is the result of a number of several strong emotions (also known as ‘psychological attachment’).

Emotional Attraction Of The Product

These emotions take place between the brand and the customer, thereby influencing the decisions of the consumer. Therefore, we can consequently state that brand loyalty is the combination of two dimensions, one that requires to repeat the purchase pattern and buy from the same product, and two that compels the loyal customer to recommend the product further to others. (Zeithaml et al., 1996; Chaudhuri & Holbrook, 2001

As per renowned research Patti Williams, the behavior of a consumer can be explained by the external events and numerous other activities that they perform. The behavior of a consumer takes into consideration the actions, feelings and thoughts of the consumer as well (Williams, 2014). Other than that, Darren Dahl also defines humans as rational with the ability to make decisions with a complete consciousness. He also states that humans can make decisions based on the satisfaction they derive even while consuming the most minute of the exertion. (Dahl, 2013)

Customer Behavior

According to Solomon (2006), consumer behavior can also be defined as the study of all those processes that are involved, which lead to an individual selecting, using or purchasing any kind of product or service or even ideas and/or experiences to fulfil and hence, satisfy their needs and desires. Schiffman and Kanuk, both of whom are authors of the book namely Consumer Behavior, 9th Edition, have also chosen to define consumer behavior in a similar manner to Solomon. They defined consumer in a way that it refers to the display of actions such performing research for the purpose of purchasing, disposing or evaluating the products or services that they believe will help them un satisfying their needs and wants. (Schiffman L. G., 2007). Based on the matter that has been discussed up until now, it is fairly easy to deduce that brand loyalty and consumer behavior pose a direct relationship with each other, therefore justifying both of their inclusion in this literature review.

Final Thought

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