Why Should You Consider Taking TEAS Test Exam-Labs Prep Courses?

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Why Should You Consider Taking TEAS Test Exam-Labs Prep Courses?

The nursing career is a sensitive one, so the admission process into a nursing school is quite strict. The process of going through the papers of each candidate who wants to join a nursing school in order to choose the best is very tedious. To solve this problem, the TEAS test was introduced. Over the years, it has made the nursing admission process fast, effective, and fair.

The Test of Essential Academic Skills, commonly known as TEAS, is a standardized exam administered to those students who want to enter the health science field. It is designed to check whether these individuals are ready for the nursing program or not. The TEAS is the most recognized test used in nursing school admissions in the United States. This is because getting a high score in Exam-Labs opens up opportunities for you to join the best school.

What does the TEAS test include?

The TEAS consists of 170 multiple-choice questions, which you are required to complete within 209 minutes.It is vital to know that the test assesses your skills in the following four sections:

  • Reading

This section consists of 53 questions, where6 of them are unscored. The time limit is 64 minutes. This area is designed to test your reading comprehension as well as the integration of knowledge and ideas. There are several passages where each has some questions.

  • Mathematics

There are 36 questions in this subject and only 32 of them are being scored. You should complete all of the questions in 54 minutes. This section assesses your knowledge of algebra, measurement, and data interpretation.

  • Science

This part consists of 53 questions with 6 of the unscored. The section has a time limit of 63 minutes, and it is the most challenging area in the entire TEAS test. It is created to assess your knowledge of human anatomy, scientific reasoning, physiology, as well as physical and life science.

  • English and Language Usage

The total number of questions in this section is 28, where4 of them are unscored. You will have up to 28 minutes to complete this part. It covers punctuation, grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and contextual words.

What are the common tips for passing the TEAS test?

This is a common truth that you need to make efforts to obtain something. The same goes for this case. To get a high score, you need to prepare for the TEAS test with great deliberation. What should you do?

  • Know the exam content and start yearly

Before you start revising, make sure you know the exam objectives. Knowing what the test consists of helps you know what to study. And this reduces time wastage a lot. Plus, if you want to pass the TEAS on the first attempt, start preparing as soon as possible. With enough time to prepare, you will manage to cover all the topics in detail and also have time to take some practice tests. https://www.examsnap.com/

  • Use the recommended materials

If you want to pass the TEAS test, you must use the right resources to revise. To know the recommended materials, you can check on the official website. When you use them, you avoid wasting time on the wrong topics. You will also be sure that you have not missed any domain.

  • Enroll in a course

If you feel that some objectives are too hard to understand, you can take some training courses. There are a number of them available online that you can enroll for depending on your schedule. With the help of qualified trainers, you can also learn the best strategy for approaching the TEAS questions.

  • Make use of practice tests

The best way to know how ready you are for the TEAS is to take practice tests. There is a variety of them that you can find on the Internet at a low cost or for free. Practice questions also help you know the nature or structure of the actual exam and the kind of questions to expect.


The TEAS test has revolutionized the nursing admission process in a positive way. More and more nursing schools are adopting it. So, if you want to join one of your choices, the TEAS is definitely the exam to consider.

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